As some girls’s videos emerge at Chandigarh University, students protest.

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At Chandigarh University in Mohali, Punjab, a sizable crowd of students congregates to demonstrate against the exposed video of some girls. These explicit videos of girls were shot within the hostel. After further inquiry, one of the females admitted that she had only shared one video.

The Pro-Chancellor Dr. RS Bawa claims that the media allegation that 60 undesirable MMS have been discovered in pupils is completely untrue and unfounded. No films of students were discovered that are offensive, with the exception of a girl’s personal video that she shared with her boyfriend. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor wrote down the following statement.

The police have been looking into this case to learn more. Up until now, all that is known about the main suspect is that she released a video of herself. Despite accusations that she has recorded other recordings, there is no proof for this accusation, hence it is untrue. She was taken into custody as soon as the accused uploaded the video. She is facing charges related to the IT Act and voyeurism. The students launched a sizable demonstration on the school itself after the public learned that the videos had been leaked.

Manisha Gulati, the chairperson, stated that the probe was still ongoing. She said that the accused will not escape punishment. Many politicians and celebrities, including Arvind Kejriwal and Sonu Sood, expressed their sadness over this tragedy and called the behaviour despicable. 

What needs to be done following the study will be determined.

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