RPF Constable Allegedly Shoots Dead Four People on Jaipur Express Train in Maharashtra

A shocking incident unfolds on a moving train near Palghar railway station.

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31 July 2023, Mumbai: In a tragic incident, a Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable reportedly opened fire inside the B5 coach of the Jaipur-Mumbai Central Superfast Express (Train number 12956) near Palghar railway station in Maharashtra. The constable allegedly shot dead four people, including another RPF ASI and three passengers. The incident occurred around 5 am while the train was en route from Jaipur to Mumbai. Passengers were startled awake by the sound of gunshots, causing chaos on board.

Western Railway Announces Compensation for Victims’ Families

Western Railway responded to the devastating event by offering an ex-gratia to the next of kin of the deceased ASI, Tikaram Meena. The compensation package includes Rs 15 lakhs from Railway Surksha Kalyan Nidhi, Rs 20,000 for funeral expenses, Rs 15 lakhs as Death cum Retirement Gratuity, and Rs 65,000 as General Insurance Scheme.

Altercation Escalates into Tragedy on Jaipur-Mumbai Express

Reports suggest that the constable had an altercation with his colleague, and when some passengers intervened, he opened fire, resulting in the tragic loss of four lives. The accused constable, who was reportedly grappling with depression for some time, managed to escape the train near Dahisar Station after the shooting. However, he was later detained along with his weapon.

Investigation Underway in Jaipur Express Shooting

The casualties confirmed by the Railway Protection Force include an Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) and three civilians. The incident has left the railway authorities and the public in shock and mourning. The RPF is currently conducting a thorough investigation into the matter to understand the events leading up to the unfortunate shooting.

The shocking incident raises concerns about passenger safety and the need for enhanced measures to address mental health issues among law enforcement officers. As authorities work to unravel the motive behind the shooting, the focus remains on providing support to the victims’ families and ensuring such tragic events are prevented in the future.

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