Good news for onion farmers, Central government has given permission

Central government has given permission to export ten thousand tons of onion to the United Arab Emirates.

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Onion farmers were in trouble for the past few months. Onion export was banned by the central government. Due to this, the price of onion fell in the domestic market. Initially, the ban was till March 31, 2024. But it has been increased again. Now there is good news for onion farmers. Although onion export is not allowed, one million tonnes of onion will be exported. This export will be done to United Arab Emirates through National Cooperative Export Limited. Due to this decision of the government, onion farmers have got some relief. The official said the central government has allowed 50,000 tonnes to Bangladesh and 550 tonnes to Bhutan, 3,000 tonnes to Bahrain, 1,200 tonnes to Mauritius and 14,400 tonnes to UAE.

The government order

The central government has given permission to export 10,000 tonnes of onion to the United Arab Emirates. It has been decided to do this export through National Cooperative Export Limited (NCEL). Commerce Department has also issued a notification in this regard. Due to the ban on the export of Indian onion, problems were faced by many onion dependent countries. Now 14,400 tonnes of onion will be exported to maintain friendly relations between India and UAE and as requested by the government of United Arab Emirates. To avoid confusion and irregularities in exports, these exports will be done through National Co-operative Export Limited, a central government body.

Lasalgaon market committee will remain closed again

The business class of Nashik district has decided not to deduct Hamali, Tolai, Varahi amount from the account receipt of farmers from April 1, 2024. Due to this, there should be an amicable solution regarding Mathadi workers and Hamal will not participate in the work. Alternatively, the auction of agricultural commodities like onion, bhusar and oilseeds at Lasalgaon main market premises will be closed from April 4.


Before 2008, Hamali, Tolai, Warai amount was deducted from farmers along with levy. But in 2008, the Aurangabad bench ruled that the amount should be deducted only from the farmers’ account receipts. But the government of Maharashtra had decided that who should pay the levy amount should be collected from the buyer. A petition was filed in Bombay High Court by the Traders Association of Market Committee of Nashik District against the said decision. While deciding on it, the court, who is the owner of the Mathadi workers who are working Hamali Tolai Varai? It was decided that the decision should be taken in the district court.

As per the order passed by Niphad Senior Level Civil Court dated 20/09/2023, Mathadi Board issued notices regarding recovery of due levy and penal amount to the trader in Nashik district. Accordingly, the business class decided that from April 1, 2024, Hamali, Tolai, Warahi amount should not be deducted from the farmers’ account receipts.

-Rahul Dubey

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