Actress Sonam Bajwa Speaks Out Against Sexism And Gender Inequality At Home

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24 May 2023, Mumbai: Popular actress Sonam Bajwa recently shed light on the prevalent issue of sexism and gender inequality that she personally faced within her own family. In a candid interview, the actress revealed her experiences of discrimination and inequality at the hands of her parents, highlighting the deeply ingrained societal expectations placed on girls and boys.

During the interview, Sonam Bajwa shared that while her brother was allowed to freely enjoy his summers playing outside, she was confined to the kitchen by her mother. This disparity, she believes, reflects the deeply rooted gender roles that society imposes, where girls are expected to assume household responsibilities, while boys often escape such duties.

Expressing her concern, Sonam emphasised that discrimination based on gender begins early in life, as sons and daughters are treated differently from the start. She further revealed that her brother had not been taught basic kitchen chores, a privilege denied to her. However, she highlighted the reversal of roles that she witnesses now, as her brother, who currently resides in Canada without any household help, has taken on cooking and cleaning tasks himself. Sonam sees this as a form of “revenge” for the unfair treatment she endured, telling her mother that had she taught her brother earlier, it would have been beneficial for him as well.

Sonam Bajwa’s candid revelations shed light on the persisting gender inequalities prevalent in society, which often restrict women’s opportunities and reinforce traditional gender roles. By sharing her personal experiences, she hopes to raise awareness and encourage dialogue about these deep-rooted issues.

The actress also expressed her optimism about the evolving tastes of audiences in the film industry. She cited successful women-centric films like Gangubai Kathiawadi, Kahani, The Dirty Picture, and Queen as examples that have demonstrated the audience’s appreciation for strong female leads. Sonam believes that the audience now seeks fresh and diverse storytelling, showcasing their growing acceptance and support for women in leading roles.

On her professional front, Sonam Bajwa is eagerly anticipating the release of her upcoming film, “Godday Godday Chaa,” which revolves around the theme of inequality faced by women within their own homes. Sharing her thoughts on the film, she mentioned that it would appeal to people of all age groups and genres, resonating with Indian audiences who can understand and relate to the emotions portrayed. Sonam hopes that the film will unite viewers and inspire them to celebrate the struggles and triumphs of women.

Sonam Bajwa’s bold stance against sexism at home and her forthcoming film tackling the issue highlight her commitment to raising awareness about gender inequality. Her personal experiences and professional endeavours serve as a reminder that it is crucial to challenge societal norms and work towards creating a more equitable and inclusive world for all.

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