The Election Commission Advises Campaigners To Speak Within Decorum

The Election Commission said that political parties should take responsibility for their candidates.

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The Election Commission on Thursday took cognizance of complaints of model code of conduct violations by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge and former party president Rahul Gandhi. Some leaders of the Congress party had complained about Narendra Modi to the Election Commission for a speech he gave during an election rally. In return, BJP had also written a letter to the Commission complaining about Rahul Gandhi and Mallikarjun Kharge for violation of the code of conduct.

What did the Election Commission say?

The Commission said that it is the responsibility of the Party Presidents to make sure the star campaigners deliver speeches within decorum and take responsibility for their statements. Officials said that this is the first time that the Commission has taken cognizance of a complaint against a Prime Minister for violation of the Model Code of Conduct. The Election Commission has issued notices to both the party chiefs asking them to reply by April 29.

The Election Commission said that political parties should take the first responsibility for the actions of their candidates. Especially in the case of Star Containers, the impact of election speeches of people holding high positions is more serious, hence party presidents and people holding high positions will have to pay special attention to this.

EC demanded an answer from JP Nadda

In a letter to BJP chief JP Nadda, the Commission has asked him to respond by Monday on the complaints lodged regarding the comments made by Prime Minister Modi in Banswara on April 21. The Election Commission believes that if any leader of the party acts and gives a dignified speech, then it is the responsibility of the party president to look after it. If such incidents happen, it is up to the party president to answer. The Commission has sought a response from JP Nadda on the complaints lodged by Congress, Communist Party of India and Communist Party of India (ML) regarding the comments made by PM Narendra Modi.

What are the complaints about?

In these complaints of the Election Commission, Prime Minister Modi’s allegations have been cited that Congress wants to distribute people’s property among Muslims. The opposition party will even snatch away the Mangalsutra of Indian women.

Whereas, The BJP alleges that the Congress is running the agenda of Muslim appeasement at the expense of the weaker sections of the society.

Congress had accused the Prime Minister of giving a divisive and defamatory speech in Banswara. The party said that the language the PM is using is in violation of the Model Code of Conduct and the judgments of the Supreme Court. Their doing so can bring division in the society.

BJP lodged a complaint

After Congress accused BJP, BJP also retaliated by writing a letter to the Election Commission saying that in Kerala, Rahul Gandhi has made malicious and frightening allegations against Prime Minister Modi. BJP says that those statements of Rahul Gandhi also violate the model code of conduct. Along with this, BJP has also accused Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge of violating the code of conduct.

-Rahul Dubey

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