Apart From “Friends” Matthew Perry’s Top 5 Best Performance

Matthew Perry Aka Chandler Bing Of Friends Has Passed Away. Here, The Look At His 5 Best Performances

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Apart From "Friends" Matthew Perry's Top 5 Best Performance

29th October 2023, Mumbai: Recently, the news came and everyone got shocked when Matthew Perry was found dead in a hot tub. At the age of 54 He left everyone, sudden death tends to celebrities and fans are in shock. Matthew Perry is known for his iconic role in popular TV series ‘Friends’ as Chandler Bing. Apart from Friends tv series he worked in many other roles and marked his name in the world of cinema. Here, we look at some of his incredible work that his fans always remember.

Fools Rush In (1997)

Fools Rush In is the romantic comedy movie where the film revolves around spontaneous Las Vegas marriage and the challenge faced by them. Basically, it shows how he loves and faces difficulty in cultural differentiation and also in family dynamics. Matthew Perry with Salma Hayek starrer this movie.

Almost Heroes (1998)

Matthew Perry along with Chris Farley starrer this adventure movie. Almost Heroes is based on Adventure Comedy where Matthew has played the role as an explorer. Their misadventures take them on a long wild journey to beat Lewis and Clark in the Pacific Ocean.

Three To Tango (1999)

Three To Tango is the romantic comedy movie starrer Matthew Perry with Neve Campbell and two friends. This film is based on exploring mistaken identities, professional ambitions and unexpected romance. He portrayed an architect trapped in a hilarious misunderstanding.

The Whole Nine Yards (2000)

In that movie, he plays a mild mannered dentist in a mob hitman’s world. He shares screen with Bruce Willis in dark Comedy.

Serving Sara (2002)

In this comedy movie, starrer Matthew Perry opposite Elizabeth Hurley. He portrays a process server caught up in divorce case. The film is based on comedy slapstick humor showcasing Matthew Perry’s comedy timings.

Well, celebrating his talent and contribution can help keep his memory alive.

By Sojwal Gurav

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