Christopher Nolan Praises Taylor Swift; Slams Studios for Missing “The Eras Tour”

Taylor Swift's tour film is currently making buzz worldwide and next month to release in more countries

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Christopher Nolan Praises Taylor Swift; Slams Studios for Missing "The Eras Tour"

20th October 2023, Mumbai: Renowned filmmaker Christopher Nolan recently commended Taylor Swift for her concert film and expressed that Hollywood studios missed a valuable opportunity by not distributing the movie. Taylor Swift’s film, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” was independently released through AMC theaters. Nolan mentioned at a City University of New York event that he is confident the film will generate substantial profits.

Christopher remark on Taylor’s film

He mentioned, “Taylor Swift is about to show the studios, because her concert film is not being distributed by the studios, it’s being distributed by a theater owner, AMC, and it’s going to make an enormous amount of money.” “And this is the thing, this is a format, this is a way of seeing things and sharing stories, or sharing experiences, that’s incredibly valuable. And if they don’t want it, somebody else will. So that’s just the truth of it,” he added. Nolan had a word with his beloved wife and a Oppenheimer producer Emma Thomas, “Any time a film succeeds that isn’t expected to succeed, it’s an encouraging thing for Hollywood … It’s encouraging for filmmakers,” when questioned about the recognition of Oppenheimer, “There’s always the tension in Hollywood between the familiar and what is predicted to make money, and that’s the meat and potatoes of how the studios stay in business, but there’s always this desire [among] audiences for something new, something fresh,” he shared. “That tension, that reality … between commerce and art, that formula never changes in Hollywood, because it’s just a reality of the industrial process. Films are very expensive to make,” he state.

The Eras Tour Film

In between, the film has surpassed over $126 million around the globe previous week according to Reuters’ reports. The turnout is considered a significant initiative that breathed new life into the theater industry, which had experienced a downturn during the Hollywood labor dispute.Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is predicted to surpass over Justin Bieber’s 2011 release Never Say Never. “This is a superstar debut. It was a party in a movie theater,” Jeff Bock, senior box office analyst at Exhibitor Relations Co., has to say this about the film.

Few countries like South Korea, Brazil and India soon going to witness the energy of concert film.

By Vaishnavi Rastogi

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