Dharma Unveils Emily in Paris-Inspired Tours: Starting at $2,700

Package Rates: $2,700 for Double Occupancy, $3,600 for Single Occupancy

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Dharma Unveils Emily in Paris-Inspired Tours: Starting at $2,700

1st November 2023, Mumbai: Dharma, a travel startup, has introduced an exclusive package inspired by the hit Netflix series Emily in Paris. Developed in partnership with Paramount Global, “Paris by Emily” offers fans a four-night/five-day small group trip to Paris, providing an immersive experience in the world of Emily Cooper, portrayed by Lily Collins in the show.

The schedule includes special tours of designer studios, a seduction masterclass influenced by Emily’s enigmatic French boss Sylvie Grateau, and a cocktail-making event centered around her classic Lillet-Spritz, all held on one of Paris’ renowned rooftops, stated Leah Howe, Dharma’s co-founder and chief experience officer.

Led by lifestyle influencers, known as ‘Emileaders,’ these tours are designed for groups of 8-16 participants. The package costs $2,700 (₹2.2 lakh) per person for shared accommodation and $3,600 (₹2.9 lakh) for a single room, excluding flights and insurance.

The official statement on the Dharma website reads, “Paris – beyond a city, Paris is a world. This exclusive trip to the City of Lights marks the first official collaboration with Netflix’s Emily in Paris. With a rich history and thriving art and fashion scenes, this trip is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people around the world. Our itinerary is designed to balance adventure, fashion, gastronomy, cultural exchange and explore the hidden gems of the iconic French metropolis. Whether you’re embarking on a treat-yourself-solo-trip, an adventure with a friend, or an exploration with a partner, just like Emily in Paris, this journey pays homage to the cultural wonders of the French Capital for all the curious minds!”

The television series “Emily in Paris” follows the adventures of American marketing professional Emily Cooper in the enchanting city of Paris, where she is on assignment. Amidst the picturesque backdrop, Emily discovers new friendships, develops a passion for selling various products including champagne and apparel, and even experiences romantic entanglements. The show has aired three seasons to date.

By Vaishnavi Rastogi

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