Gadar 2 an ANTI – PAKISTAN Film? Sunny Deol Addresses Criticism of “Gadar 2”!

Sunny Encourages Viewers Not to Take the Gadar & Gadar 2 Movie Too Seriously

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Sunny Deol
  • Sunny Deol shared his thoughts on criticism labeling it as 'anti-Pakistan.'
  • Sunny encourages viewers not to take "Gadar 2" too seriously
  • Addressing the perception of "Gadar 2" as an anti-Pakistan film

26 August 2023, Mumbai: Sunny Deol, the driving force behind the blockbuster Gadar 2, recently shared his thoughts on the film’s reception in a candid interview with BBC Asian Network. Addressing the criticism that Gadar 2 has been labeled as an ‘anti-Pakistan’ film, Sunny encouraged viewers not to take the movie too seriously and highlighted that cinema’s primary purpose is to entertain.

Sunny Deol Speaks on Gadar being Called Anti Pakistan Film

When questioned about the perception of Gadar 2 as an anti-Pakistan film, Sunny Deol explained that such judgments are often rooted in political dynamics rather than the genuine sentiments of people. He emphasized the overarching theme of humanity that transcends borders and highlighted the film’s portrayal of characters, stating that his character, Tara Singh, does not run down anyone because he believes in upholding the dignity of individuals.

Gadar 2’s release amidst a politically tense climate

Regarding the timing of Gadar 2’s release amidst a politically tense climate, especially given the portrayal of an antagonist from Pakistan, Sunny Deol expressed the universal desire for peace. He called for politicians to shift their focus from vote-bank politics and prioritize global harmony. Sunny further stressed that Gadar 2 should not be overanalyzed, as it is meant for entertainment and does not necessarily mirror real-world politics.

Sunny’s View on Audience Opinion

Speaking about the exaggerated nature of cinema, Sunny Deol emphasized that characters in films are often magnified for the audience’s enjoyment. He highlighted that cinema thrives on amplifying the traits of characters, be they good or bad, as this enhances the overall viewing experience. He added that this approach is inherent to a certain sector of cinema and contributes to the entertainment value.

Gadar 2 Starcast and Overview

Gadar 2, helmed by director Anil Sharma, reunites the original cast including Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, and Utkarsh Sharma. The film, set in the backdrop of 1971, revolves around Tara Singh’s daring quest to rescue his captive son from Pakistan. As the film continues to make waves at the box office, with an impressive collection of ₹438.7 crore, Sunny Deol’s words shed light on the intention behind the movie’s creation and remind us of the role cinema plays in providing entertainment and escapism.

By Yashika  Desai

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