Hitesh Bharadwaj: Udaariyaan isn’t possible without Punjab

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Actor Hitesh Bharadwaj, who is seen in Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Udaariyaan, says that while it’s tough shooting outside Mumbai, the show could only be made in Chandigarh. The actor also adds that he loves the city and has taken to it well.

“It’s very beautiful. The people here, the culture is very special and different. I believe a lot in Waheguruji and whenever I feel tense, I visit the Gurudwara. I always try to make at least one visit to Amritsar every year. For me, it’s like ‘jiske ghar jata tha usne hi ghar bula liya’ …so, with me, it’s very different and special. I know this is a little difficult when you work outside because when you shoot in Mumbai, you have time to spend with your family and friends but when the shoot is outside, it becomes difficult. But I think that Udaariyaan isn’t possible without Punjab. The story, the scene, the community isn’t anywhere which makes Udaariyan more apt. There haven’t been any shows which have been this hit. I am feeling blessed that I get to work here in Punjab,” he says

Ask him how he balances his shoot and time with his wife, and he says, “It’s quite difficult to be honest. She’s an assistant professor in Pearl Academy. She gets very few holidays so we try to meet on weekends. She comes and visits me here. When I was signing this show, I talked with Sujita about how it is going to be. And how would we do it? But she told me there’s a good vibe and a positive feeling for this show and it’s a big sacrifice for us but that I should definitely do it.”

The star cast of Udaariyaan had quit the show before the actor joined. Talking about the same, he says, “They both have done an incredible job in the show. They have given us new paths to create a new story. We all are trying to portray our lives. The audience connects to the characters very well and shower their love and blessing on us. The audience wants the change and if we don’t develop the entertainment industry, how is this industry supposed to grow. We have now understood that we have a lot of new things in our industry. And makers have got to know their target audience,” he says.

Talkin about working with Ravie and Sargun, he says, “Working with Ravie and Sargun has been a big opportunity for me. Every time, I’ve met them, I have got positive and good vibes only. Whenever Sargun reads out the story to us, it looks so beautiful and it seems like no one else can read out a story this well. She knows every dot of the story.”

Meanwhile, talking about being an actor, Hitesh says, “As an actor, I am a product which tries to reach people’s heart through a story. There’s no difference and comparison between male and female actors now. You’ll get the perfect role for you at the right time. Actors are created, whereas stars are self-made. So basically, stars involve a luck factor, that happens when people start loving you and praising you. But being an actor is a long process where books, stories, poems, readings and knowledge is needed to become an actor. It can’t be done overnight. It requires a lot of practice. So I think acting is a big process and stars are self-made.”

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