I became very reserved after noticing people’s behaviour: Navin Prabhakar

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It’s so easy for some people to start a conversation even in a crowd full of strangers, but quite often it’s this trait that others start taking advantage of. And actor Navin Prabhakar has had a first-hand experience with this.

“I take time to open up with people. I have realised that if you immediately strike up a conversation with people they start taking you for granted. Earlier, I used to be a little easy and would talk freely to people even on the first meeting, but then I noticed that people started putting their hands on my shoulders as if I am some friend. I became very reserved after noticing this behaviour,” he said.

So are you an extrovert or an introvert? “I am a very introverted, deep thinker, and I always think about how my words would impact other people, which is why I always use my words carefully,” he said.

Happiness is a very subjective term and everyone perceives it differently. However, for Navin, it means spending time with his family. He said, “My idea of happiness is enjoying time with my loved ones, sharing joy among my close family and friends, and being connected to them. It also has a lot to do with gratitude and being humble. Happiness for me is also visiting places sharing joyous moments with families n friends, house parties n funn, travelling with them out, and eating my favourite food at my favourite food joints at evry city In India”

He agrees that the past two years have definitely made him more compassionate, and said, “The COVID outbreak and the consequent lockdowns taught me that we take everything in life so easy, but the real happiness is in being simple, no shining life being attached with family and the loved ones. NO grudges about any one, love and get loved, live and let live, eat, love laugh and spread the joy, sharing the joy is the simple mantra of life.”

Navin also shared the two things that instantly change his mood and said, “First is sharing my time with my friends and families and making them laugh with my new jokes and punchlines. Then traveling to new destinations around the state or city or country.”

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