India versus Pakistan: Salman Khan says Tiger 3 will be a blockbuster hit

Salman Khan calls K L Rahul his favourite player, let’s fans know that the trailer of Tiger 3 will give a thought on the greatness of the film. He uncovers that KL Rahul is his number one player

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India versus Pakistan: Salman Khan says Tiger 3 will be a blockbuster hit

15th October 2023, Mumbai: Everybody was watching the India Versus Pakistan match occuring at the Narendra Modi Stadium of Ahmedabad. The good to beat all has been the presence of Salman Khan. He came to promote Tiger 3 which is delivering on Diwali. The entertainer said that this film is far greater than the previous two. Salman Khan let fans know that Aditya Chopra has gone a little overboard large chunk of change on this action film and the group has invested enormous hatd energy. He additionally said that Katrina Kaif and he had buckled down. The whiz said individuals will find out about the material of the film when they see the trailer. He just trusted the film would be housefull like the India versus Pakistan match.

Salman Khan meets doctor Shiva Rajkumar

Kannada entertainer doctor Shivraj Kumar was likewise there at the Star sports studio. He had come for the promotions of ghost. The two met momentaliary. Dr Shivraj Kumar was viewed as Hukum in the Rajnikanth blockbuster, jailer. Fans are crazy on seeing a pic of the two together. The two of them had empowering words for the Indian Cricket crew.

Salman Khan additionally told Indian team to not take any strain. He said he couldn’t imagine anything better than to see sixes and fours out of the stadium. The Whiz uncovered that K L Rahul is absolutely favourite player of him. Indeed, the batsman has come into structure for World Cup 2023, and we really want to believe that he is in his brilliant stage for this essential competition.

The trailer of Tiger 3 shows Salman Khan as Avinash Singh Rathore also known as Tiger. This time, he has been marked as an enemy of public. He needs to show office abilities for his child and comrades as he takes on a few feared psychological militants. Katrina Kaif has done some stunning action scenes as Zoya.Katrina Kaif shows up as a agent Zoya in the eagerly awaited film Tiger 3. The expectation took of higher than ever with the arrival of the singular banner displaying Katrina Kaif, offering an enticing look at the completely at the exhilarating action and interest that anticipate energetic crowds.

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