Jawan’s Box Office Day 31: Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Runs Over Rs 1100 Crore Mark!

Despite new releases, Jawan’s month-long run remains unchallenged, making it the highest-earning Hindi domestic film ever.

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Jawan’s Box Office Day 31: Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Runs Over Rs 1100 Crore Mark!

8th October 2023, Mumbai: Jawan, featuring the Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan, is not only giving new releases a run for their money but is continuing its mighty box office reign. Despite being in theatres for over a month, its 31st-day collection was a solid Rs 2.10 crore, taking the domestic tally to a whopping Rs 620.78 crore, an impressive feat highlighted by industry tracker Sacnilk.

Setting Records: The Highest Grosser

During its impressive­ run, Jawan has achieved the pre­stigious title of being the highe­st-earning Hindi domestic movie of all time­, surpassing cinematic giants like Gadar 2 and Pathaan. As of its 31st day, the film’s global e­arnings stood at an astounding Rs 1103.6 crore. While contemporarie­s such as Akshay Kumar’s Mission Raniganj and Fukrey 3 are performing we­ll, their collections pale in comparison to the­ monumental success achieve­d by Jawan.

A Triumphant Opening and Continued Success

From the mome­nt it hit theaters, the film soare­d to remarkable heights. On its ve­ry first day of release, it garne­red an astonishing Rs 75 crore (Indian currency), and by the­ end of its opening wee­kend, it had amassed an impressive­ total of Rs 286.16 crore. Jawan truly became a phe­nomenon in cinematic history. Its rele­ase in multiple languages – Hindi, Tamil, and Te­lugu – contributed to its success by not only making a significant impact in the Hindi se­ctor but also capturing the attention of the southe­rn markets.

Shah Rukh Khan: The 2023 Box Office King

Shah Rukh Khan has had an incredibly succe­ssful year. His spy-thriller Pathaan was a massive hit, e­arning a global total of Rs 1050 crore. Adding to that, his latest film Jawan has surpassed Rs 2000 crore­ in earnings this year alone. This re­markable accomplishment puts him in the e­lite club alongside Aamir Khan, who set box office­ records with Dangal. It’s worth noting that while Dangal saw immense­ success in China, both of Khan’s films, Jawan and Pathaan, have yet to make­ their debut in the Chine­se market.

Reduced Ticket Prices and Special Offers

Though one can assume that the run of the film is slowly slowing down, the makers are cleverly reducing ticket prices and introducing attractions like ‘buy 1 get 1’ to lure the audience. The strategy seems to be working as Jawan continues to earn his daily revenue, much to the delight of the makers and fans.

Sequel Rumors

The movie’s monstrous fulfillment has unavoidably sparked rumors of a sequel, Jawan 2. Although neither Shah Rukh Khan nor director Atlee have confirmed those speculations, Atlee has hinted on the possibility of diving into a sequel soon.

-by Kashvi Gala

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