Mahaveer Properties Presents ‘Melody Of Hope’: Udaipur’s Biggest Pop Musical Event Featuring Kaki

Unleashing the Power of Music, Mahaveer Properties Presents 'Melody Of Hope: Udaipur's Biggest Pop Music Event Featuring Kaki, Jaybird, Incredible Fire Artist, Dazzling Dancers, and Other Talented Performers.

Nidhi Mishra
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Once in every few years comes a night that is so electrifying that it’s unforgettable; you remember it for the rest of your life. Sometimes it’s a family night, full of laughter, memories, and precious moments that you just want to store in the corner of your heart to remember a decade later. Sometimes it’s a chai evening with your closest friends, in a small alley where you create the biggest memories. But sometimes it’s a grand night, with grand lighting, grand voices, grand movements, and grand performances.

You see where I’m going with this, right? Yes, I’m talking about a night filled with music and melodies. In an unforgettable display of talent and creativity, Mahaveer Properties in collaboration with XMloops hosted a mesmerizing musical event ‘Melody Of Hope’ on 23rd July 2023 in the City Of Lakes, Udaipur.                                              

The atmosphere was electric as music enthusiasts and entertainment lovers gathered at the Mahaveer Shanti Villas on the 23rd for the highly anticipated musical event celebrating the launch for the said property site. The night unfolded into a breathtaking fusion of music, dance, and fiery performances that left everyone in awe.                

The lineup brought together some of the finest talents from the music and performance industry. The night commenced with the soul-stirring melodies of the underrated independent artists of India, whose heartfelt tunes struck a chord with every individual present. As the audience swayed to the rhythm, they knew they were in for an extraordinary night.                                       

In the presence of the chief guest Mr. Shantilal Maroo, the chairman of Sanchi Group, whose success story is known to the whole city, from a tea vendor to joining forces with some family friends to venture into construction lines to becoming one of the biggest names in Udaipur, the stage came alive with the arrival of not one, but two pop singers ‘Kaki’ and ‘Jaybird, the Official Artists of, as they took turns in delivering powerhouse performances, engaging the crowd with their distinct style as they switched between English Pop/ Rap to Hindi/ Bollywood music, they added a new dimension to the event, making it a celebration of diverse musical talents. The crowd went absolutely crazy for their performances and it was a sight one can only enjoy by being in their presence. It was Kaki’s first time performing her own music to the world and now I can proudly say I was there to witness it. Joining them were our four stars of the night, Amber Harold, a native of Dehradun/Mussoorie on the Drums, Ayush Sharma from the same city, on the Keyboard, Amogh Agarwal, our guitarist, an alumnus of Berklee College Of Music, Boston and on Bass was our fourth star Reuben Mathew, a native of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Each of the artists came to prove that they had what it takes to be remembered, to be called the Star of the night.                                             

But this is just the start, the surprises didn’t stop there, wait till you hear about our beloved ‘DJ Xzester’ getting on stage to pierce the sky with his incredible sound. He changed the flavour instantly with his dubstep and electronic music. His music was so electrifying that even the dancers couldn’t stop getting on the stage to groove to his fierce music. The event was graced by this skilled dance troupe ‘Slumz in Street’ who set the stage ablaze with their energetic and synchronized routines. From their high-energy hip-hop, the dancers brought an incredible dynamism to the performance that had the entire audience on their feet. If only I had the confidence and energy they had, I would totally be on the stage with them but let’s just say it was God’s gift to the audience that they didn’t have to see my incredible moves because they truly would be moved……. from their seats.                                                                   

Moving on from my electrifying humor, let’s talk about our next talent all the way from Russia ‘Roksana Bashkirova’ because she came with a purpose, she came to light up the stage with her performance. No literally, she really came to light up the stage with her fire props. Roksana is a fire artist and belly dancer and let’s just say she was Fireee!! With her walking on stage with Kaki for their performance on Kaki’s original song ‘Power’, they indeed proved their power as the audience pulled out their phones in seconds to quickly capture the moment before it was gone.                                                     

But this night wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the sound and stage design done by RK SOUNDS Udaipur. After all, we only got to hear the great performers because of their amazing sound management.

The host for the night was Anchor Kripa Sharma from Udaipur. With her charming presence and years of experience, she made the night memorable. Joining her was our second host RSR Rajan from Mumbai. Throughout the night, the energy in the air was infectious, with cheers and applause filling the air after each act. We can guess who hyped up the crowd because they were these two energetic hosts. But don’t think that Mr. Rajan was only here to captivate us with his words because RSR Rajan is a multi-talented individual who excels as a dancer and his movements were moving the crowd with him. He entered through the crowd and danced his way to the stage and Boy! Was it a performance! From Bollywood numbers to Jackson style he covered them all.                                                                       

As an attendee, I was captivated from start to finish. The eclectic mix of talent and creativity left an indelible mark, and I found myself immersed in the magic of the performances. From the soulful tunes that tugged at my heartstrings to the adrenaline-pumping dance sequences and the awe-inspiring fire acts, it was a rollercoaster of emotions. They really said “let’s make this the Biggest Event Udaipur has ever seen” and they did, they really did. “Melody Of Hope” was nothing short of spectacular. It succeeded in bringing together a diverse range of performances that catered to different tastes, ensuring that there was something special for everyone in the audience. The event truly showcased the power of music and art in uniting people and creating unforgettable memories.                                                       

Now you can watch the LIVE PERFORMANCE on . The full performance was released on the platform on 29 July and it reached 1 million + views in just 24 hours. As a witness and participant in the ‘Melody of Hope,’ I can attest that the experience was nothing short of magical.With its soaring success on, it has proven that even in a rapidly changing world, the universal language of music continues to bridge gaps and bring hope to all corners of the globe.

Now let’s get to know a bit about our artists and the hosts:                                      

Mahaveer Properties – A leading real estate company in Udaipur, specializing in land and plot sales. With a strong industry presence, they offer competitive prices and a diverse range of locations. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or investment properties, Mahaveer Properties has the perfect solutions to meet clients’ needs. Under the guidance of Vikram Manshani, the Director of “MAHAVEER GROUP,” the company has achieved remarkable growth within just one year since registration. The company stands out for its transparent transactions, supportive staff, and customer-focused approach. From property selection to registration, Mahaveer Group provides end-to-end support, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

Kaki Singer – India’s Rising POP Singer-Songwriter, recognized by “ROLLING STONE” magazine. From a young age, her passion for music was ignited when her father sent her to a music school at just 8 years old. Unlike many other artists, Kaki and chose to focus on building a powerful and impactful social and online presence, believing in nurturing her profile rather than solely chasing immediate income streams and local events. This strategic approach has set her apart and is catapulting her towards greater success in the music industry. Now, she stands proudly as Rajasthan’s youngest artist to be verified on all major social channels, Google, IMDb, and Meta and she’s the only Pop Singer from Udaipur to have a Wikipedia Page. Let’s support her as she begins her journey as a Pop-Artist in her hometown Udaipur.

Jaybird – also known as Tushar Srivastava, a true inspiration for all those driven by passion. Despite facing immense challenges, Jaybird displayed unwavering strength and determination, not only for himself but also for his younger sister. By studying on a scholarship, he secured a prestigious Government Job in the Central Railway, after years of dedicated work, the time finally arrived for Jaybird to pursue his true passion – “Music & Singing.” His path aligned with, and now, they are committed to nurturing Jaybird’s talent to transform him into the next rising star artist. His story is one of triumph over adversity, and we eagerly await the incredible journey he will embark on as he becomes a shining star in the world of music.

Amber Harold – the musical prodigy from Dehradun/Mussoorie, is renowned for his extraordinary talent. With over 12 years of professional experience, he has collaborated with celebrated artists like Jubin Nautiyal, Bobby Cash, Lucky Ali, Vishal Mishra, Tulsi Kumar, and Neeti Mohan. His work with major labels including Zee Music, Sony Music, and T-Series has earned him widespread recognition. Recently honoured with the Uttarakhand Youth Icon Award 2023, Amber’s captivating melodies continue to mesmerise audiences worldwide.

Ayush Sharma – A gifted multi-instrumentalist hailing from the enchanting city of Dehradun, Vikasnagar. With over 8 years of professional experience in the realm of live music, Ayush’s prowess shines through his captivating performances. A virtuoso of the piano and keyboard, he weaves magic with a diverse range of genres, from electrifying rock to soulful Sufi, from foot-tapping Bollywood to serene devotional melodies.

Amogh Agarwal – A Dehradun and Boston-based artist, is a songwriter, producer, and guitarist. With an impressive background as a Berklee College of Music alumnus, he has collaborated with renowned artists like Indian Ocean, Raghu Dixit, Salim Merchant, and Shankar Mahadevan. Amogh’s diverse musical talents span across Bollywood, rock, singer-songwriter, and Indie genres. His original music has garnered significant recognition, featuring in Rolling Stone India and amassing over a million views on Spotify. Embracing his passion for authentic music, Amogh owns ‘Asli Studios’ in Dehradun, where he brings forth his heartfelt creations amidst the tranquil mountains.

Reuben Mathew – A talented bassist from Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Since 2019, he has played for various artists and collaborated with renowned Bollywood Music Director, Writer, and Producer Rocky Khanna in 2020. Their album ‘Khanak’ has gained over a million views on YouTube. Reuben is currently involved in multiple projects across the country, showcasing his exceptional musical prowess and leaving a lasting impact wherever he performs.

RSR Rajan – A multi-talented individual excelling as a dancer, teacher, and inspiration. He is a gold medalist in the national-level Indian Film House Dancing Super Star 2022 competition and has achieved remarkable awards in various dance competitions, including Bollywood battles. RSR Rajan’s captivating performances have been featured on TV channels like Zee Salaam and Ishwar. Additionally, he has been honored for his exceptional teaching abilities with excellence awards in the education field. A true inspiration to many, he seamlessly weaves his passion for dance and the art of teaching, leaving a lasting impact on all who have the privilege to experience his talent. In the world of artistry, RSR Rajan stands as a shining star, spreading creativity, knowledge, and motivation wherever he goes.

Slumz In Street – Founded in 2014, S.I.S Dance Crew is one of India’s finest Hip Hop groups. Led by Gautam Manokaran, a former member of the acclaimed “13.13 crew,” known for representing India at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas. Their talent knows no bounds, embracing diverse performance arts from Hip-Hop to Orchestral and Music Videos. With unwavering dedication and extraordinary talent, S.I.S Dance Crew continues to elevate the Hip Hop scene in India and beyond. They are a true inspiration and a source of pride for the nation. Keep an eye on these remarkable artists as they reach new heights with their incredible performances! Dancers: Chirag Solanki, Gautam Mandkaran, Vijay Yadav, Vishnu Naidu, Rahul Bharti, Vijay Devendra, Rahul Kandjia, Vignesh Shetty

Roksana Bashkirova – She is an acclaimed artist from Russia, known for her mesmerizing performances. A renowned fire artist and belly dancer, she hails from St. Petersburg. Her dance journey began with ballroom dancing in 2002 and later expanded to include capoeira and belly dance. However, it was Tribal Fusion dance that truly ignited her passion, and she has been teaching it since 2011. Roksana’s performances are a captivating blend of dance, fire shows, and theater. Her passion led her to India, and she has collaborated with various musical groups and projects to showcase her versatile talent and artistic brilliance. With a flair for the dramatic, Roksana’s shows are a must-see experience. As she continues to enchant audiences with her fire artistry and belly dancing, Roksana Bashkirova remains a true star in the world of performance arts. Keep an eye out for her breathtaking performances that leave a lasting impression!                  

DJ Xzester – whose real name is Tapasvi Singh, a multi-talented artist known for his exceptional skills as a DJ, Entrepreneur, and EDM enthusiast. Hailing from Delhi, he has been making waves in the music scene with his electrifying performances. With an enigmatic persona, he continues to leave a mark on the EDM world, making him a rising star to watch out for. Stay tuned as this dynamic artist continues to create musical magic that will surely leave a lasting impact on the industry.

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