Ouch! “Actor Vijay Varma Leaves Interview Abruptly When Quizzed About Tamannaah Bhatia” 

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27 May 2023, Mumbai: Actor Vijay Varma made a classy entrance on the green carpet of IIFA 2023, captivating the attention of fans and media alike. During a quick chat with Bollywood Bubble, Vijay spoke about the appreciation he has received for his performance in Dahaad. However, when questioned about his rumored relationship with Tamannaah Bhatia, the actor abruptly walked out of the interview. This unexpected reaction has left fans curious about the truth behind the rumors. Let’s delve into the details of Vijay Varma’s intriguing appearance and the ongoing speculation about his relationship.

Vijay Varma’s Response

In a recent interview, Vijay Varma was questioned about his friends teasing him with Tamannaah Bhatia’s name. Surprisingly, the actor abruptly walked out of the conversation, leaving everyone puzzled. This incident has raised eyebrows, especially since Vijay didn’t react similarly during a previous fun chat with the Dahaad team. It’s worth noting that during the trailer launch of Dahaad, his co-stars playfully teased him with Tamannaah’s name, further fueling the dating rumors. While neither Vijay nor Tamannaah has addressed these speculations directly, their public appearances together have only added more weight to the rumors.

Vijay Varma’s Stylish Outfit at IIFA 2023

At IIFA 2023, Vijay Varma impressed fashion enthusiasts with his unique sense of style. The Darlings actor opted for a navy blue blazer accompanied by matching trousers. The outfit boasted intriguing geometric designs, adding a touch of quirkiness to his overall look. Known for his unconventional fashion choices, Vijay once again delighted his fans by pushing the boundaries of traditional attire. His distinctive fashion sense has become one of his trademarks, and he did not disappoint at the prestigious IIFA event. Vijay Varma’s appearance at IIFA 2023 has generated significant buzz, not only for his stylish outfit but also due to his reaction to questions regarding his alleged relationship with Tamannaah Bhatia. Although the actors have chosen to remain silent on the matter, their public appearances together and the playful teasing from their co-stars have fueled the dating rumors. Fans eagerly await an official statement from Vijay or Tamannaah to confirm or deny the speculations. Until then, the mystery surrounding their relationship continues to captivate the curiosity of fans and the media.

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