Rajshree Production’s Dono Box Office Report, Struggling To Cross 1Cr Mark

Rajveer Deol's Debut Film 'Dono' Faces Box Office Struggles

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Rajshree Production’s Dono Box office Report, Struggling To Cross 1Cr Mark

11th October 2023,Mumbai: In the fast-paced world of Bollywood, success at the box office is a critical determinant of an actor’s career trajectory.  The recently released film “Dono,” featuring Rajveer Deol in his acting debut, has encountered an uphill battle in capturing the attention of moviegoers. The movie, which hit theaters on October 6, 2023, has witnessed lackluster performance, struggling to cross the Rs 1 crore mark in collections.

Rajveer Deol’s Debut Film ‘Dono’ Faces Box Office Struggles

The movie opened on a subdued note, amassing a mere Rs 25 lakh on its first day. Unfortunately, the weekend did little to uplift the film’s prospects, with collections of Rs 30 lakh on Saturday and Rs 35 lakh on Sunday. The situation worsened as the week progressed, culminating in a paltry Rs 7 lakh on its first Monday.

Plot and Storyline

A love story of two strangers with one destination. The film marks Avnish S Barjatya’s directorial debut and Rajshri Productions’s attempt at love story, after a long gap of 33 years post Maine Pyar Kiya (1989). The film explores dealing with heartbreak, friendship and eventually love.

Dono movie Review

Dono a modern take on the vintage ‘maine pyaar kiya’ by rajshree production talks about the modern love story of two strangers guiding each other through heartbreaks, the film as barjatiya as it should be shows grand wedding, songs and dance and also a cricket match typical rajshree production right?

The film wants to be modern but lacks the texture of modern follows the story of two strangers, Dev and Meghna. Dev, who is the friend of the bride, meets Meghna, who is the friend of the groom, at a lavish destination wedding. The film explores their relationship in a Barjatiya style.

Several factors have been added contributing to the film’s lackluster response from the audience. Chief among them is the film’s weak storyline, failing to captivate viewers and leave a lasting impression. In addition, inadequate marketing efforts have seemingly hindered the film’s reach and promotional effectiveness. Moreover, the movie faced stiff competition from other releases, further marginalizing its appeal to potential moviegoers.

Rajveer Deol the New Deol in the Indian cinematic world

This downturn in “Dono’s” box office performance has significant implications for Rajveer Deol, who has been keenly anticipated as he steps into the world of acting, being the son of Bollywood stalwarts Sunny Deol and Pooja Deol. The film’s inability to resonate with audiences raises legitimate questions about Rajveer’s future prospects as an actor.

By Harsh Rathod

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