Saba Azad’s Show-Stopping Runway Appearances at Lakmé Fashion Week 2023

The Multi-Talented Diva’s Dazzling Transformation from Classic Elegance to Bold Chic

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13th October 2023, Mumbai: The glittering runway of Lakmé Fashion Week 2023 has somehow become even more enchanting. This happened when the multi-talented and dazzling Saba Azad graced it with her back-to-back presence during the first two days.

Saba Azad: A Force of Nature

As cameras flashed and the audience held their collective breath, all eyes were fixed on the “Who’s Your Gynac” actress who has made a name for herself, not only in the world of entertainment but also as a true fashion maven. The talented singer proved that she is not just a pretty face but, she is an extremely talented and confident force of nature.

Breathtaking Runway Appearances

It’s quite safe to say that the talented diva’s runway appearances at LFW 2023 were nothing short of breathtaking. So, why don’t we dive in and take a closer look at both the outfits that she wore on the ramp? Let’s take a closer look.

Saba Azad Looked Gorgeous in an Incomparable Metallic Gold Pantsuit

In her first appearance on the runway, for Raw Mango designer Sanjay Garg, the “Songs of Paradise” actress took a classy yet daring turn with a bold and edgy look.

A Radiant Gold Pantsuit

She wore a shimmering metallic co-ord-like gold gotta and silk pantsuit that radiated confidence and strength. The sleeveless ensemble combined a well-fitted top with a unique design with tailored trousers, and a dazzling sequined finish, showcasing her versatility in the world of fashion.

Transformation from Princess to Icon

This beyond-classy look was a statement of power and a testament to the dynamism of her style. Azad had successfully transformed herself from a classic princess to a fierce fashion-forward icon with bold glittery eyeshadow and a subtle makeup look.

Saba Azad Looked Fabulous in a Classy Crop Jacket and Pants

In her second appearance, for Geisha Designs by Paras and Shalini, the “Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge” actress’s entrance onto the runway was a spectacle in itself.

A Fusion of Style and Music

She not only walked the ramp but also delivered a live music concert, infusing the fashion show with an electrifying blend of style and music. Her free and fun dance routine added an extra layer of energy, making her appearance unforgettable.

Elegance Meets Chic

The “Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota” actress showcased the brand’s gorgeous designs in a rose gold co-ord set which featured a crop jacket with crisp lapels and shoulder pads worn over a gold glittery bralette, which brought a layer of sophistication.

Chic Wide-Legged Pants

Further, the wide-legged pants, complete with a tie-up belt, complemented the ensemble perfectly, creating a chic appearance. She completed the outfit with pink sparkly sneakers.

A Memorable Lakmé Fashion Week

Azad’s radiant presence and dynamic performance will undoubtedly be remembered as a highlight of this year’s Lakmé Fashion Week. The “Karwaan” actress’ 2 back-to-back looks were a testament to her chameleon-like style, effortlessly transitioning from classic elegance to bold, edgy chic.

A Fearless Trendsetter

She has proven time and again that she is a trendsetter, unafraid to break the mold and redefine herself with each runway appearance. Ms. Azad, you’ve done it again!

Saba Azad’s back-to-back appearances at Lakmé Fashion Week 2023 were a visual spectacle, showcasing her versatility and dynamic style. Her stunning outfits and electrifying presence on the runway left an indelible mark on the fashion world. Saba Azad continues to redefine fashion with her fearless and trendsetting style, establishing herself as an icon in the world of entertainment and fashion.

1. What did Saba Azad wear during her appearances at Lakmé Fashion Week 2023?

Answer: Saba Azad made a remarkable impression on the runway with two distinct outfits. In her first appearance, she wore a shimmering metallic gold pantsuit, and in her second, a rose gold co-ord set featuring a crop jacket and wide-legged pants.

2. Which designers did Saba Azad collaborate with during Lakmé Fashion Week 2023?

Answer: Saba Azad walked the runway for Raw Mango designer Sanjay Garg in her first appearance and for Geisha Designs by Paras and Shalini in her second. Both designers created unique and stunning looks for her.

3. How did Saba Azad blend music and fashion on the runway?

Answer: During her second appearance, Saba Azad not only walked the runway but also delivered a live music concert, adding an electrifying blend of style and music to the fashion show. Her performance infused the event with energy and excitement.

4. What was the standout feature of Saba Azad’s first outfit at Lakmé Fashion Week 2023?

Answer: The first outfit featured a shimmering metallic gold pantsuit with unique designs, a dazzling sequined finish, and bold glittery eyeshadow. This look showcased her versatility and ability to transition from classic elegance to bold chic.

5. Why is Saba Azad considered a trendsetter in the world of fashion and entertainment?

Answer: Saba Azad’s back-to-back appearances at Lakmé Fashion Week 2023 demonstrate her fearless approach to fashion, effortlessly transforming her style from one appearance to the next. Her ability to redefine herself with each runway appearance has solidified her status as a trendsetter in both the entertainment and fashion industries.

-by Kashvi Gala

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