Baseer Ali Praised Shiv Thakare’s Journey From Roadies To Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 11

Baseer Ali Praised Shiv Thakare's Journey From Roadies To Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 11

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On 11th January 2024, Mumbai: Baseer Ali recently shared his journey of reality shows, especially Roadies Rising in a recent podcast on Tally Blazer (ETimes). He shared that the Recognition and trolls are experienced by only a few contestant’s. He mentioned that he will handle the trolls without affecting his own journey. Baseer Ali further mentioned his bond with Shiv Thakare from the Roadies and how he did many shows back to back which is absolutely incredible. Also, apart from Shiv he mentioned other contestants’ names including Divya and friends from Ace Of Space.

Baseer Ali Glad That He Is Part Of Roadies

When talking about Baseer Ali’s journey in Roadies he mentioned, “Roadies Rising ‘is definitely my favorite show. It was raw, real and everyone was so genuine. We were not trying to be kids, it was so real that we weren’t bothered about TV pe kaisa dikhega. I think that era of Roadies was the last where Rannvijay sir was playing the gang leader. I am glad to be a part of such a season which was the game changer for all the Roadies seasons.”

Baseer Ali Talks About Shiv Thakare And His Equations Throughout The Journey p

Baseer Ali talking about his equation with Shiv Thakare stating, ‘I would like to take one name with all pride, Shiv Thakare. He was a part of the same Roadies season as me, Priyank and so many others in the same show. After the show, we all got different projects, a year later he was in Bigg Boss Marathi. Two years later he killed it in the main show, today he is beyond all of us.Everybody who started their journey in 2017. If I hold a grudge against him then I wouldn’t have been friends with him to date. There are very few people who have grown out and excelled.”

Baseer Ali Highlighting His Equations With Other Contestants

Baseer Ali further added about his co-contestants equation. Baseer said, “I have a good equation with most of them, except for a few whose names I also don’t remember. Apart from that, I have called out many people. So a lot of people might get offended remembering this. I have very few people that I am in touch with, Divya, and Priyank, I am still in touch with a couple of friends from Ace of Space.”

By Sojwal Gurav

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