Bigg Boss 17: During The Physical Fight Abhishek Kumar Used Derogatory Comments To Vicky Jain

Vicky Jain And Abhishek Kumar Got Into Physical Fight Where Abhishek Age-shamed Vicky Jain

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On 19th December 2023, Mumbai: Latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 was full of drama and controversies. Ayesha Khan’s entry in the house leads to tension amongst the contestants. Apart from the Ayesha Khan’s controversy Abhishek Kumar and Vicky Jain got into physical fights and used derogatory comments. The fight started, when Ankita Lokhande was laughing and reacting to the jokes about Ayesha’s entry. Abhishek Kumar age slammed Vicky Jain resulting, the spat between both of them. Ayesha is seen confronted with Munawar Faruqui.

Ayesha Khan’s Entry Leads Tension Amongst Contestants

Contestant Munawar Faruqui has been making headlines for a while now,  especially since news of Ayesha Khan, stating his girlfriend. Well, recent news came that Ayesha Khan is coming into the Bigg Boss 17 house as a wild card entry. In the archive room, Munawar Faruqui confronted his relationship with girlfriend Nazila and if he double dated the two of them. Munawar gave his explanation and later got emotional about the same.

Vicky Jain And Abhishek Kumar Got Into Physical Fight

After Ayesha Khan’s entry in Bigg Boss 17 house, another major fight between Abhishek Kumar and Vicky Jain. The fight started with Samarth Jurel and Abhishek Kumar joking about Ayesha’s entry in the Bigg Boss house and they expected how a single girl would come on the show. However, things turned ugly when Ankita Lokhande was seen laughing and reacting for the same. Abhishek slammed her and told her not to make fun of him.

Abhishek Kumar Age Shaming Vicky Jain

When Ankita Lokhande is involved with Abhishek Kumar and Samarth Jurel, communication leads to heated arguments between Ankita and Abhishek Kumar. Vicky Jain asked Abhishek Kumar not to disrespect Ankita Lokhande. However, it gets worse when Abhishek Kumar age shames Vicky Jain.

Abhishek said, “tu 40 saal ka budha hai tu mujhe mat sikha, sab ko pata hai tujhe medical room me kyu jana padta hai.” Responding to the same Vicky said, “teri aisi harkatein hai toh tujhe koi ladki nahi milegi.” Later, Abhishek said, “sab ko pata hai tujhe ladki kyun mili hai.”

She questioned Abhishek Kumar for the reason behind saying it. However, Abhishek Kumar continued the fight between the couple.

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