Bigg Boss 17 Finalist Abhishek Kumar Responds to Being Called As ‘Women Beater’!

"Abhishek Kumar faces scrutiny over his past relationship with Isha Malviya. The Bigg Boss 17 finalist responds to allegations of physical abuse”.

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30 January 2024, Mumbai: In Bigg Boss 17, both Munawar Faruqui and Abhishek Kumar have reached the grand finale, aiming to win the trophy. However, their journeys in the house have been marked by controversies and accusations. One such issue revolves around Abhishek Kumar’s past relationship with contestant Isha Malviya which have become hot topics of discussion.

Abhishek mentioned his previous relationship with Isha Malviya

During an interview, Abhishek Kumar was asked about his love life and specifically addressed allegations of him hitting a woman. Responding to the ‘woman beater’ tag, he admitted to mistakes in his past and acknowledged that he would reflect on them once he leaves the Bigg Boss house. Abhishek mentioned his previous relationship with Isha Malviya, expressing regret for his actions. He stated that he and Isha both played a part in the mistakes, emphasizing that it was not solely his fault.

Abhishek Kumar Respects Isha Malviya’s Privacy?

Abhishek chose not to delve into the details on the show, citing a desire to protect their families from being involved in the matter. Despite the challenges in their relationship, he apologized and clarified that he was not proud of his behavior.

Isha Malviya had accused Abhishek Kumar of physically abusing her

For context, Isha Malviya had accused Abhishek Kumar of physically abusing her during their relationship. She went as far as claiming that the actor slapped her so hard that her eye was bruised. The revelation added a layer of controversy to Abhishek’s journey in the Bigg Boss house, prompting him to address the accusations during the interview.

By Yashika Desai

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