Bigg Boss 17: Isha Malviya’s Dad Defended Abhishek And Warn Her Not To Cross Line

In A Recent Episode Isha Malviya's Father Take A Stand For Abhishek Kumar And Asked Her Not To Poke Him

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On 15th January 2024, Mumbai: The Latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 where housemates meet their family members, featured as an emotional reunion. In the ‘Family Week’ episode, Isha Malviya’s father made an appearance on the show and took a stand for fellow contestant Abhishek Kumar. Isha’s dad suggested to her not to cross lines. Later, Isha Malviya apologized to Abhishek Kumar’s mom for sharing his personal life and talked about Abhishek Kumar’s family.

Bigg Boss 17 Came Up With Family Week Episode

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 served as a wholesome episode as every Bigg Boss fans waited for it. In Family week special episode where Abhishek Kumar’s mom, Samarth Jurel’s dad, Isha Malviya’s dad, Ankita-Vicky’s mom, Mannara’s sister, Ayesha’s brother, Munawar’s sister and Arun Mashettey’s wife made it to the show as they will meet their loved ones.

Isha Malviya’s Dad Advise Her To Play Solo Game

Recent ‘Family Week’ episode grabbed the attention when Isha Malviya’s father took a stand for Abhishek Kumar. It started when Isha Malviya’s dad made an entry with the car. After seeing her an emotional moment takes place between the father-daughter duo. Isha Malviya’s dad hugged her and made her understand about the game and asked her not to poke Abhishek Kumar. He even confronted Samarth and asked her to play a solo game.

Isha’a dad said, “You shouldn’t have done what you did, there’s a limit to everything, especially poking. You guys poked him so much and that’s wrong. Bohot galat baat hai ye.” Isha agreed with him and told her that she won’t be repeating the same.”

Abhishek Kumar Mom Asked Isha Malviya Not To Poke Him

Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar’s mom went to the therapy room where Abhishek Kumar’s mom asked her not to bring his personal life on national television and also do not poke him about the same. Isha Malviya apologized to Abhishek Kumar’s mom and shared the same with her dad. Isha’a dad responded by saying, “Her mom isn’t wrong at all, even your mom is watching the show and she’s also hurt. I respect her mother and what she told you isn’t wrong. You guys did poke him a lot and that shouldn’t have happened at all. Please understand it and don’t poke anyone so much.”

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