Divya Agrawal Express Her Support To Nishank And Chetana In Temptation Island India

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On 9th December 2023, Mumbai: Bigg Boss OTT contestant Divya Agrawal recently shared her views and opinions on Temptation Island India. Well, Divya Agrawal and her fiance Apurva became the fan favorite. She shared her love for Nishank and Chetana and wanted to meet them after the end of the show. Meanwhile, in a recent episode Karan Kundra criticized Nishank’s behavior towards women. Also, the big surprise for Tejran fans is that Tejasswi Prakash will come on Temptation Island India to join Karan Kundra and share their love story with everyone.

Divya Agrawal Shared Her Favorite Contestant In Temptation Island India

In a recent conversation, Divya Agrawal shared her opinions on the ongoing reality show Temptation Island India season first. She shared her love for the favorite contestant in the show. Divya shares, “I love Nishank and Chetna! We’re friends and very close in real life. I’m just waiting for when the show ends so I can meet them to ask what they did and why they did it! I know Nishank so well. I thought he would confess on the very first date that he will marry Chetna after coming out of the show.

Divya Agrawal Loved Chetana’s Personality

When talking about Chetana, she shared that her personality was loved by everyone and she too. Divya shared, “Chetna is a funny girl, she has a very full-of-life personality. The way the show is formatted, she thinks the way things are happening in her villa, it’s the same in Nishank’s villa as well. This makes her misunderstand things; when she’s outside and sees things from here, I’m sure she’ll understand. She’s not like this in real life. The new contestants are good, and they’re doing well. I have been following the show and I think Nidhi will not walk away with her partner.”

Temptation Island India Unveils a Surprise

The first season of Temptation Island India was the talk of the town due to the controversies between the couples. The show has managed to keep the audience engaged with the chemistry, conflicts, and heartbreaks of the couples. Host Karan Kundra and Queen of Hearts Mouni Roy proved to be the perfect choice for the show. As the finale gets closer, the show unveils a big surprise for all TejRan fans as Tejasswi Prakash appears on the show.

Tejasswi Prakash Shared Her Experience In Finding True Love

TejRan fans are eagerly waiting for this moments and here it’s. Tejasswi Prakash is a popular actor and Bigg Boss winner came to Temptation Island to meet couples and share her experience of finding true love in the upcoming episode. In the promo, we see Tejasswi who wears Red as the promo and photos of the episode are out. TejRan fans can’t control their excitement. Tejasswi joins Karan Kundra for the special episode.

Karan Kundra And Tejasswi Prakash Give Their Example As True Love In Show

The couple head over heels in love with each other. In the promo, Tejasswi and Karan share how you don’t find true love by planning but when you least expect it. They give their example and Karan adds, “Kise pata tha, humein ek reality show mein true love mil jaayega”. Tejasswi shares, “Aa Rahe hain aapke Tejran, apni true love Island ke sabhi logon ke saath share karne, kyunki true love kabhi bhi mil sakta hai ”.

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