Karan Johar Questions Isha Malviya For Her Behaviour; Asks ‘Did They Label You As A ‘Player’?

In this evening’s (Jan 14, 2024) episode of Bigg Boss 17, Karan Johar gave a tongue-lashing to Isha Malviya and uncovered her twofold guidelines and fraud conduct.

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15th January,2024, Mumbai: Bigg Boss 17 is approaching its finale and crowds are anxious to realize about the hopeful who’d lift the champs’ prize. This week, Karan Johar supplanted Salman Khan to have the  weekend Ka Vaar episode and it was brimming with points of view and rude awakenings for the challengers. While a couple of perceived the criticism, others stood firm on their stands.

Most of the episode was devoted to Karan Johar’s discussion with Isha Malviya. The well known producer attacked the Udaariyaan entertainer for her behaviour.

Karan Johar Inquires As To Whether Anyone Called Her A ‘Player’

Karan Johar let Isha Malviya know that when she declined her relationship with Samarth Jurel and decided to remain in one room with her ex and wouldn’t accompany him, did anyone give any labels to her? Or on the other hand did anybody tell her that she’s a player?

He likewise uncovered that everyone saw the strange relationship she had with her ex Abishek Kumar in the underlying stage and, surprisingly, after her sweetheart entered the show, they had an unusual triplet bond, however no one gave any labels to her bonds and consequently she should likewise not be interested in giving a tag to Mannara Chopra and Munawar Faruqui’s relationship.

Karan Johar Uncovered Isha Malviya’s Affectation

Isha Malviya uncovered that her companionship with Mannara Chopra was demolished as she called her out during the captaincy task for not selecting Abhishek Kumar. Karan asked Isha for what valid reason did she not pay attention to Samarth when he asked her not to converse with Abhishek. Malviya said that it is her tendency to give up.

Karan demonstrated that Isha believes it’s on the whole correct to give up in her circumstance however exactly the same thing can’t occur with Mannara. At the point when Mannara let go of Abhishek’s behaviour and didn’t choose him, Isha got chafed and gotten down on her.

Moreover, Karan Johar likewise uncovered that he could interface with Abhishek Kumar, Ankita Lokhande, Munawar Faruqui, and Mannara Chopra the most as they endured a ton. He went inside the File Space to embrace them and spur them.

By- Sapna Meena

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