Sunil Lahri, Ramayan’s Lakshman, Thrilled to Receive Reverential Invitation for Ram Mandir Inauguration

Renowned TV actor Sunil Lahri, celebrated for his portrayal of Lakshman in Ramayan, expresses immense joy and gratitude as he finally secures an invitation to the grand inauguration of the Ram Mandir on January 22.

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12 January 2024, Mumbai: A wave of excitement surges as Sunil Lahri, the esteemed actor known for bringing Lakshman to life in the iconic TV show Ramayan, is set to attend the historic inauguration of the Ram Mandir on January 22. This cultural milestone draws attention not only from political circles but also boasts an impressive guest list featuring Bollywood luminaries such as Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, Dipika Chikhlia, Kangana Ranaut, Akshay Kumar, Randeep Hooda, and others.

Sunil Lahri’s Overjoyed Acknowledgment:

Previously disheartened by the absence of an invitation, Sunil Lahri now shares his elation through a heartfelt Instagram video, extending gratitude to both God and his devoted fans who fervently prayed for him to secure this coveted invite. In an exclusive interview with Etimes, he attributes the reception of the invitation to the blessings of Lord Ram and takes a moment to express his gratitude to Ramanand Sagar for entrusting him with the iconic role of Lakshman, a character now etched into the annals of television history.

Reflecting on His Role as Lakshman:

When questioned about the prospect of anyone matching up to his portrayal of Lakshman, Sunil Lahri responds humbly, stating that such a feat would require a performance of the caliber of Ramanand Sagar, the visionary behind the immortalization of the character. It’s evident that Sunil Lahri holds a special place in his heart for the role he played in Ramayan and remains profoundly thankful for the opportunity.

Anticipation Builds for Ram Mandir Inauguration:

Sunil Lahri’s co-stars Dipika Chikhlia and Arun Govil had earlier received invitations, initially causing Sunil’s disappointment. However, with the recent reception of the coveted invite, his concerns have been assuaged, and he is now ready to participate wholeheartedly in this monumental event. Having pondered whether the committee overlooked Lakshman’s significance or held reservations, Sunil Lahri is now eagerly counting down the days to the grand celebration at the Ram Mandir inauguration.

This delightful turn of events marks a positive resolution to Sunil Lahri’s journey towards the Ram Mandir inauguration, emphasizing his eagerness to contribute to the auspicious occasion.

By Mahananda Bhattacharjee

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