Daman Saroha: A self-made entrepreneur said, “If we all want to be successful in our lives, then let’s make it together”

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8th February, Mumbai: Mr. Daman Saroha, a hard-working and ambitious person, who hails from Gurugram Haryana, and loves to play cricket, is just 25 but thinks much ahead of his time. He comes from a decent, middle-class family. Daman was always eager to do business, though never got to focus on it. He got the opportunity when he was injured and could not be involved in the game he truly loves, that did wonders!

While he was recovering from his injury, one of his friends recommended some products to him. He used them and the products helped him recover much faster. He felt so energetic, and these products were miraculous. After his recovery, his friends suggested that he should think about a network marketing business. Not being sure if he could pull this business, he took some time to understand the work and studied about it.

After having proper knowledge, he decided to start his business. 2 years ago, he started from level zero, and today he is a manager in the company. He worked very hard to achieve this. Today, his monthly income is above 2 lakhs. Daman has mentored more than 15000 people and still continuing. He helps his team members with his knowledge and skills so that they can also achieve their dreams. He still plays cricket whenever possible because that is his first love.
Everything he achieved was not so easy. He faced many problems, but he always stood strong and looked at the bigger picture. When he started his business, his friends told him that this business is not sustainable. You will lose your money and much more, But this sportsman stood firm on his decision and worked dedicatedly and proved everyone wrong. Today his business is running in more than 4 countries.
He insists that honouring your parents is of utmost importance. “Strive to fulfil the aspirations of those who have sacrificed for you – refuse to remain idle and, instead, delve into something meaningful; let yourself be inspired by what sets your heart ablaze.”

He believes in the value of mentorship and proper education, which is cultivating many independent young entrepreneurs. We need more leaders who are dedicating their every single day to make our country educated, successful and the world a better place to live.

Daman Saroha is a prosperous digital mogul nowadays and helping numerous individuals to achieve success. If you are finding yourself stuck in life, attempt to recognize your enthusiasm and explore novel prospects during this incredible period. You can send Daman Saroha a message via his Instagram account if desired! Seize the day – take that first step towards achieving greatness by discovering what truly sets your soul on fire.

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