Kramik Yadav from Ahmedabad becomes the first Mr. India winner to visit the pageant powerhouse nation, Venezuela

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History was created when Our winner, Kramik Yadav landed in Venezuela, the most successful nation in the international pageant industry. He becomes the first Mr. India winner in history to visit the pageant powerhouse nation, Venezuela. Since the dawn of international pageantry, Venezuela has been ruling the pageant world.

Rubaru Mr. India 2022, Kramik Yadav won 2nd Runner-up title at the Caballero Universal 2022 competition held in Venezuela. Along with winning this prestigious title, he also won Mister Elegance 2022 special award. Kramik Yadav became the first Asian candidate to qualify for the Caballero Universal competition and now he became the first Asian candidate to enter the top placement holders’ league.

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About Kramik Yadav he belongs to the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, and holds a degree in commerce and accounting. He is a businessman and runs his own firm. He is also a model and choreographer and has expertise in different dance forms. Kramik has expertise in all the types of Garba and Gujarati folk dance forms. He has choreographed several events and haswon multiple awards during the Navratri festive season.

About Competition Caballero Universal is one of the biggest and fastest-growing international pageants in the world. Within just two years of its existence, the competition became a grand success and cemented itself as one of the leading international pageants for men. It is also the first international competition to originate in the most successful nation in international pageantry – Venezuela. The competition is owned by one of the foremost and most successful fashion entrepreneurs in the world, Rafael E. Ramirez. The competition is supported and guided by the legendary beauty pageant director and coach, Osmel Sousa.

About Rubaru Mr.India Rubaru Mr. India is India is oldest and mostprestigious men’s pageant. The pageant was created in the year 2004 and is currently being led by Mumbai-based Pankaj Kharbanda. Rubaru Mr. India contributes more than 70% to India’s male pageant industry. It produces the maximum number of Mr. India titleholders and award winners, and is the largest contributor to the Indian male pageant industry

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