Priya Paramita Paul on technological advancements!

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Indian Model, Life Coach, and Influencer Priya Paramita Paul says that the advent of technology is often misunderstood. She says that technological advancement, when not misused, has really helped the lives of people become easy.

“With this technology, we have reduced personal meetings and socialisation. Somewhere down the line, I feel that it has given us a choice whether we want to meet someone in person or we can communicate without going out for a meeting and sitting in our comfort zone using technology. Especially during Covid, I have learnt a lot. I used to go to the office every day. Before Covid I was just a business analyst doing a 9-5 job, but during Covid I utilised my time to manage the office, launched my new website, started more workshops on mental health across the globe as well as started training to participate in pageantry. During the lockdown, we had a choice and it has given power to people to choose their decisions wisely,” she says.

She says that it’s upto people on how much they need to use technology. “When sometimes you don’t meet people in person, you don’t get to understand the vibe. And when we are not meeting at all, it takes a lot of time to understand things. But you can always decide to meet or not. It’s a choice and I think you should go for it,” she says.

However, she says that technology will always be helpful. “I am able to voice out my opinion because of the global setup of technology. I am one of those million people who give an example of Covid, how we all got together, otherwise we would have gone several millions years back. And we wouldn’t know how big the world is. It should be banned for the places technology is being misused, that should be addressed by strict laws and regulations especially in India. We don’t have any such strict laws and processes on cyber crimes until and unless it’s high profile. We can spread and teach people in many ways,” she says.

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