The Greatest Salespeople’ of Shikha Ghosh is going to be this year’s most Inspirational Book!

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Going by the contents, Shikha Ghosh’s ‘ The Greatest Salespeople’ is clearly going to be this years most inspirational book. The fascinating book about the most important principles of Sales and what goes behind the making of the best sales people and success stories is in effect ‘A Cinematic Journey into the Billionaires Club’ as it takes help heavily from the world of cinema. Laced with hundreds of examples from the lives of iconic & inspirational figures as well as some of the most successful movies/movie characters, the book outlines the most important principles of success but is at the core of it all about sales! 

Excerpts from the Chapter on CONFIDENCE, PASSION & HARD WORK:

Confidence makes you courageous to face every obstacle, it makes you more enthusiastic about your work, confidence makes you inspire, motivate and mentor others, it gives you a clear vision & a goal, it makes you capable of influencing others with their communication. Confidence gives you the trust and belief in your capabilities and actions.

Do you know? The only actor in the history of US Cinema to have starred in a box office number one film across six consecutive decades was once homeless and broke.

We are talking of the heartthrob of millions of people, Sylvester Stallone! His journey from being broke to a worldwide superstar is all about believing in himself, his passion, his confidence, persistence and hard work.

His struggles started since his birth, the doctors severed a nerve in his face when he was born leaving him partially paralyzed with slurred speech. He struggled at school as he was bullied and because of which he got into fights and trouble. He was expelled from 14 schools.

For more fascinating tips wait for the launch this Women’s Day!

‘The Greatest Salespeople’ is being released by Daily Indian Media and comes right after the success of their last book, ‘2047’ by IIPM’s Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri.

About the author:

Shikha Ghosh is an International Certified Career Coach (ICCC) Masters Level Graduate from NCDA & CDA, USA. She is a Certified Career Services Provider & US Admissions specialist – having done ‘Applying to US Universities’ from University of Pennsylvania & being a member of NCDA, USA. She is a British Council certified and approved counsellor for Higher Education in UK. She has certificates in Negotiation Skills & Leadership from Yale School of Management & Harvard University respectively. She is also a certificate holder in Psychology from Yale University.

In 2009, she took up the challenging role of Chief All India Admissions Counsellor at one of India’s leading B-Schools and became the Indian Chief Counselling Representative for The International Management Institute, Belgium. Under her guidance her team which at one point in time consisted of 1000 full-time career counsellors (and in coordination with more than another 1000 counselling agencies) gave counselling to more than 5,00,000 thousand students. She directly counselled approximately 1,00,000 students and gave more than 25,000 admissions to leading Indian and International institutions and Universities and was instrumental in sending an equal number of students to global top most institutions like NYU, Cambridge, Cornell, Darden, UT Austin, Berkeley, NUS, NTU etc. In 2020 she founded MYOD, a leading Career Counselling company based out of India and now spends about 75% of her time perusing her passion for career counselling.

Shikha started her career in the year 98, as a Brand & PR Consultant,and went on to become the CEO of ICPAR, the PR division of Planman Consulting. She is the winner of the prestigious 4th Indy’s Super Achiever Award-2010, for outstanding contribution to the field of Marketing & Branding. Over two decades in PR & Communications she has worked on 12 Movies, many international concerts/events & from Fortune 500 clients.

In 2015 she took over as the President of Sales & Marketing at Daily Indian Media & Power Brands. She has been the guiding force behind Power Brands London International Forum for Equality, Power Brands Bollywood Film Journalists’ Awards & Power Brands Bharatiya Manavata Vikas Puraskar.

Shikha is the former editor of Power Women, a quarterly supplement of 4Ps Business & Marketing, Co-Author of ‘Indian Power Brands’ and the author of another upcoming book ‘Cracking the Glass Ceiling in High Heels – A peek into the lives of some of the Most Inspirational Corporate Divas’.

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