Bill Gates and Narendra Modi Talk: An Indian Child’s First Words Today Are “Aai” and “AI”

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PM Narendra Modi spoke in detail with Bill Gates about India’s progress in Artificial Intelligence and digital technology. Women power, healthcare, and climate change were also discussed.

American businessman and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was on a visit to India recently. He shared many photos and videos of his tour on social media. Now the video of his long conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi Bill Gates) has surfaced. During this, both of them discussed many important issues ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Digital Revolution. PM Modi also shared many interesting things related to India with Bill Gates.

In the 45-minute video, the two talked about India’s healthcare system, vaccination, technology, women power and climate change. PM Modi told how he used AI during the 2023 G20 summit. How AI translated his Hindi speech into Tamil during the Kasi Tamil Sangamam event.

Aai and AI

The PM says, “Historically, we were left behind during the first and second industrial revolutions because we were a colony. I believe that now India will benefit a lot during the fourth industrial revolution. AI is very important. I jokingly say that in our country we call our mother ‘Aai’. Now I say that when a child is born, he says ‘I’ as well as AI. Children have also become advanced.”

PM Modi further said, “I decided that I will not allow a digital divide to happen in India and so we have taken the infrastructure to villages across the country. Women in India have rapidly adopted new technology. I started ‘NaMo Drone Didi’ scheme. She said that she does not know how to ride a bicycle but now she is a pilot and can fly a drone. The mentality has changed.”

Concern over Deepfake

PM Modi also expressed concern over the misuse of AI for deepfakes and proposed measures to reduce its negative effects. He said, “If such a good thing is given to someone without proper training then there is a possibility of it being misused. According to me, we should start with watermarking AI content so that no one is misled. If we are relying on AI out of laziness then this is the wrong path.”

During the conversation, Bill Gates praised Indians for their rapid adoption of technology and their ability to lead.

PM Modi showed his jacket to Bill Gates

On the question of climate change, PM Modi showed his jacket to Bill Gates and told him that it is made of recycled material. The prime minister said, “We had made the parameters of progress climate friendly, today all the parameters of our progress are anti-climate friendly.” On the question of making the vaccine during the Corona period and distributing it across the country and the world, the PM Narendra Modi said, ” Educate people and take them along. This is not a virus vs government, this is a fight of life vs virus.

-Rahul Dubey

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