Actor Navneet Malik opens up about his fitness routine.

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Navneet Malik has won millions of hearts across the nation with his charming looks and brilliant performances. Not only that, the actor also enjoys a massive female fan following on social media, where he treats his followers with updates and jaw-dropping pictures. And now, the actor shares his fitness routine and also reveals how Hrithik Roshan has been his inspiration, and Shahrukh Khan’s look in Pathaan motivated the actor to get that chiseled body.

Undoubtedly, Navneet Malik is one of the most talented stars in the industry. This handsome hunk often motivates his fans with his washboard six-pack abs, and now the actor shares his fitness regimen and says, “I have undergone a lot of lifestyle changes. It takes time to figure out the kind of diet and training that work for your body. For my body, functional training along with weight training works wonders. Not just that, but it’s important to maintain a perfectly healthy diet and a consistent workout routine. At the moment, I am on High Protein Low Carb diet”

The actor also added, “Growing up, I was a movie buff and used to watch every 90s movie, and I was inspired by many actors, but Shahrukh and Hrithik have been my favorites.” Talking about Hrithik, the actor continued, “He has everything you could ask for in an actor, from good looks, mad acting skills to dance moves, so he has been the one I have looked up to throughout my journey.” The actor added, “The kind of transformation SRK went through to get that body, for his look in Pathaan is amazing. After seeing that, I was motivated to keep myself in this physique”

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