Haldwani Clash: Latest Updates and Key Developments

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In Uttarakhand’s Haldwani, a protest broke out following a court order to demolish an illegal mosque in the Banbhoolpura area. Rioters, including women and children, launched stones and petrol bombs at police officials from behind barriers and adjacent buildings.

Individuals from a particular community damaged government properties, and set police vehicles and transformers on fire, escalating the situation.

Key Developments

1. Casualties and Injuries

  •  Four fatalities were reported, with over 100 police personnel injured and hospitalized.
  •  District Magistrate Vandana Singh visited the injured officers, describing the riots as pre-planned.

2. Government Response

  • Shoot-at-sight orders were issued against rioters.
  • Four paramilitary companies were deployed, with additional forces from neighbouring districts dispatched.
  • Closure of schools, colleges, shops, markets, and internet services, with exceptions for medical emergencies.

3. Official Actions

  • Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami reviewed the situation with senior officials, emphasizing the importance of maintaining peace.
  • Strict directives are issued against violators of law and order.
  •  Rioters were identified using CCTV footage; strict actions were promised.

4. Appeals for Peace

  • CM Dhami appealed for calm, warning against anti-social behaviour.
  • Former CM Harish Rawat urged the public to maintain peace amidst the turmoil.

5. Legal Measures

  • Rioters are to be charged under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.
  • The incident follows the passage of the Uniform Civil Code bill aimed at ensuring equal laws for all communities.

6. Law Enforcement Deployment

  • Four paramilitary companies were dispatched to Haldwani, with two companies of PAC is already on-site, as confirmed by Inspector General Nilesh Anand Bharne.


The situation in Haldwani remains tense, with casualties, property damage, and heightened security measures. As investigations continue and legal actions are pursued, appeals for peace and strict enforcement of law and order underscore efforts to restore calm in the region.

-Prisha Jaiswal

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