India’s First Helicopter Emergency Medical Service to Start in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand to Launch Groundbreaking HEMS

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Project ‘Sanjeevani’: A Lifeline in the Sky

India is set to launch its first helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) from Uttarakhand, announced Union aviation minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. The service, operating under project ‘Sanjeevani’, aims to provide swift medical assistance to remote areas.

Uttarakhand takes to the skies

The HEMS initiative marks a significant milestone in India’s healthcare infrastructure. The helicopter, currently undergoing assembly and certification, will be stationed at the All Indian Institute of Medical Science in Rishikesh. From there, it can swiftly airlift patients within a 150-kilometre radius to nearby hospitals.

Certification in Progress

Scindia assured that the assembly and certification process of the helicopter is well underway. He emphasised its importance by stating, “It is entirely my concern now, not yours.” This underscores the urgency and commitment of the government to enhancing emergency medical services.

Modernising Uttarakhand’s airports

The announcement comes hot on the heels of Scindia’s virtual inauguration of the phase-2 terminal building at Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. This ₹486 crore project is poised to significantly boost passenger capacity and modernise the airport infrastructure.

Enhancing air connectivity

Efforts to improve air connectivity in Uttarakhand are in full swing. Three airports, including Dehradun, Pant Nagar, and Pithoragarh, are undergoing upgrades. Moreover, the state plans to increase the number of heliports to 21 in the coming years, further improving accessibility.

Uttarakhand’s Aviation Policy

The launch of HEMS aligns with Uttarakhand’s forward-thinking aviation policy. In December, the state cabinet approved the Uttarakhand Helipad and Heliport Policy 2023. This policy aims to address challenges in accessing remote areas, particularly for emergency medical and disaster-related services.

Empowering Uttarakhand

The policy was developed by the Uttarakhand Civil Aviation Development Authority (UCADA) under the Empowered Uttarakhand Mission. It reflects the government’s commitment to enhancing civil aviation infrastructure and fostering growth in the state.

Quoting the authorities

Scindia, while addressing the media, highlighted the significance of the HEMS project. He stated, “This initiative will revolutionise emergency medical services in India, particularly in remote regions like Uttarakhand. We are committed to ensuring timely medical assistance for all citizens.”

Innovations in Healthcare

The introduction of HEMS represents a leap forward in India’s healthcare sector. By leveraging helicopters for medical emergencies, the initiative aims to overcome geographical barriers and deliver critical care to those in need, saving precious lives in the process.

Community Reactions

Local residents expressed optimism about the HEMS project. Rajesh Sharma, a resident of Dehradun, remarked, “This is a game-changer for our region. In emergencies, every second counts, and having a helicopter ambulance service will make a huge difference in saving lives.”

Future Prospects

As India gears up to launch its first HEMS, the nation anticipates positive outcomes in emergency medical services. With advancements in aviation technology and concerted efforts from government bodies, the initiative promises to set a precedent for enhancing healthcare accessibility across the country.

India’s foray into helicopter emergency medical services marks a pivotal moment in the nation’s healthcare landscape. With Uttarakhand leading the charge, the initiative underscores the government’s dedication to providing timely medical assistance, especially in remote regions. As the HEMS project takes flight, it promises to be a lifeline for those in need, delivering hope and support from the skies.


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