Mumbai Startup Funding Trends and Government Initiatives: A Decline to a Three-Year Low

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In 2023, Mumbai, India’s third-highest funded startup hub, experienced a significant decline in overall startup funding, reaching a three-year low amidst an extended funding winter. According to Inc42’s “Indian Tech Startup Funding Report 2023”, startup funding in Mumbai plummeted by 62% year-on-year (YoY) to $1.5 billion from $5.5 billion in 2022. This decline brought funding levels close to those of 2019, with the number of deals decreasing from 249 in 2022 to 160 in 2023. The downward trend mirrored the broader fall in funding across the Indian startup ecosystem, which hit a seven-year low despite the previous year’s totals exceeding $10 billion.

Key Sectors: E-commerce, Fintech, and Enterprise Tech

Despite the downturn, certain sectors in Mumbai remained resilient, attracting notable investor interest. E-commerce, fintech, and enterprise tech emerged as the top-funded sectors in 2023, indicating continued confidence in their growth potential.

E-commerce: Leading the Pack

The e-commerce sector secured the highest amount of funding, totalling $330 million across 45 deals, showcasing sustained investor confidence despite the challenging market conditions.

Fintech: Strengthening Financial Innovations

Mumbai-based fintech startups garnered $345.8 million in funding through 29 deals, underscoring the sector’s importance in driving financial innovation and services.

Enterprise Tech: Innovations for Businesses

Enterprise tech startups in Mumbai raised $172.5 million across 25 deals, highlighting the significance of technological advancements in supporting businesses.

Other Notable Sectors: Edtech, Healthtech, and Travel Tech

While tech startups secured $72.4 million in funding across 11 deals, health tech startups witnessed 10 deals, raising $7 million. Travel tech startups also attracted investor interest, securing $83.5 million across five deals.

Government Support: Maharashtra’s Commitment to Startup Ecosystem

In response to the challenging funding landscape, the Maharashtra government has ramped up efforts to bolster the startup ecosystem, signalling a commitment to fostering sustainability and innovation.

Policy Revisions and Initiatives

Under the leadership of Maharashtra’s deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis, the government is revising the state’s startup policy, initially launched in 2018, to provide more comprehensive support across various sectors. The Maharashtra State Innovation Society is spearheading the effective implementation of these initiatives.

Creation of Dedicated Startup Zones

A significant move by the government involves the creation of dedicated startup zones equipped with essential facilities under one roof. These zones will offer coworking spaces, housing, high-speed internet, and data centres, aiming to elevate Maharashtra’s status as a thriving hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.


Despite facing funding challenges, Mumbai’s startup ecosystem remains resilient, with key sectors continuing to attract investor interest. The government’s proactive measures to support startups through policy revisions and the establishment of dedicated startup zones are poised to further strengthen the ecosystem, paving the way for sustained growth and innovation in the years to come.


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