Price Rises In Mumbai Market Amidst Navratri 2023

Navratri 2023: Mumbai Market have Risen The Price Of Vegetables and Flowers

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Price Rises In Mumbai Market Amidst Navratri 2023
  • Navratri celebrations and Price rise
  • Shopping and Indian Festivals
  • The Prices will come down after Pitru Paksha :Traders say

7th October 2023, Mumbai: As the auspicious Navratri 2023 arrives and the  Mumbai is ready to groove on those dandiya beats but there is a problem the price effect

There is a sudden rise in the prices of essential commodities like fruits, Vegetables  and flowers in the mumbai market.

Navratri celebrations and Price rise

Navratri a nine night auspicious celebration of Garba and Dandiya is an important ritual and festival of indian culture. It is devoted to honouring our goddesses, representing divine energy and strength. During this auspicious period devotees engaged in fasting consuming only fruits, vegetables and daily products.

However the main news is this growing demand resulted in increasing the price rates of this essential commodities. Moreover the prices of flowers used in the puja and decorations have also striked up further adding to the financial burden on the consumers.

Shopping and Indian Festivals

Shopping is an integral part of our indian festivals and family gatherings. From new decorations to eating together the celebrations consist of all. This process symbolise our rich Indian culture and tradition, the festive spirit fostering togetherness in the family and friends and adding enthusiasm in the special occasions.

The Prices will come down after Pitru Paksha :Traders say

A trader from the Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) stated that “The price increase is a result of the growing demand of green vegetables during the 14 days of Pitra Praksha”

Moreover, as per the records of Agriculture Produce Market Comittee (APMC) the production and arrival of vegetables was dipped by 20 percent. This decline was due to the rainfall affecting the supply and distribution of vegetables in the market.

By Harsh Rathod

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