Tragedy Strikes: A Journey from Farewell to Final Farewell

Abu Jaid’s Untimely Demise on the Ill-Fated North East Express

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Tragedy Strikes: A Journey from Farewell to Final Farewell

12th October 2023,Mumbai: An Unexpected Turn of Events

Abu Jaid, 27, a part-time motor vehicle driver, and his cousin Md Nasir, 18, embarked on a fateful journey together in the same coach of the ill-fated AC-III tier coach B7 of the 12506 North East Express. Tragedy struck when the train derailed in Bihar’s Buxar district, forever altering the lives of these two young men. While Nasir miraculously escaped unscathed, Jaid, occupying berth number 68, became one of the four reported casualties in the train mishap, all from passengers in the B7 coach.

A Journey of Love and Farewell

Jaid, hailing from the quaint Saptiya Bishanpur village in Bihar’s Kishanganj district, had recently returned from Delhi, where he had accompanied his sister and brother-in-law. Their purpose in the capital was to bid them farewell as they embarked on the significant Islamic pilgrimage, Umrah, to Mecca. Nasir recollects, “We were about to go to sleep after having our dinner when the coach derailed.”

The Desperate Search for Jaid

Nasir’s first moments following the derailment were filled with confusion and chaos. He searched frantically for Jaid but couldn’t locate him. As the hours passed, the heartbreaking truth unfolded—Jaid had been crushed to death in the train accident. His mother, Khursheeda Begum, a farmer, remained inconsolable, her world shattered.

A Grief-Stricken Mother’s Lament

Jaid’s mother, Khursheeda Begum, devastated by her son’s untimely demise, shared the poignant story of his final moments. “His sister and her husband were going for Umrah in Saudi Arabia. Jaid had accompanied them to Delhi to see them off and was returning home when he met with the fatal accident.” She added, tears streaming down her face, “If I had known Jaid won’t return, I would have never told him to go with my daughter and son-in-law to Delhi.”

Unfulfilled Dreams and Aspirations

Jaid’s dreams were cut short by the cruel hand of fate. He had been making plans for his future, including his impending marriage. In the near term, he aimed to relocate to Delhi in pursuit of a job, striving for financial independence before tying the knot. However, destiny had other plans, abruptly halting these aspirations. Begum lamented, “We were thinking about Jaid’s marriage. Jaid was planning to shift to Delhi in search of a job, so that he could be financially independent before marriage, but destiny had different plans.”

The Agonizing Loss

Jaid’s untimely passing left a void in his family. He had two sisters, Tehresun Nisha, 30, and Zeba Parween, 20, who remains unmarried. The heartbroken mother shared her pain, exclaiming, “Now I am left without a son.” Kishanganj district magistrate (DM) Tushar Singla assured the family of all possible assistance, instructing officials to reach out to the bereaved family in their time of need.

Community Support in a Time of Grief

In the face of such a devastating loss, the community rallied around the grieving family. Mujahid Alam, a former legislator of the JD(U), paid a visit to the bereaved family to offer condolences and support. Plans were made to bring Jaid’s body to Kochadhaman after postmortem examination, where he would be laid to rest.

In times of tragedy, the strength of communities and the resilience of individuals shine through. Abu Jaid’s story is a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of life and the importance of cherishing every moment with our loved ones. His dreams and aspirations, abruptly cut short, serve as a poignant reminder to pursue our goals with determination, for we can never foresee what fate has in store.

-by Kashvi Gala

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