Agar Koi Hume Chedega Toh Hum Use Chorenge Bhi Nahi, Aur Kisi Ko Chedenge Nahi!” :Rajnath Singh

“Agar koi hume chedega toh hum use chorenge bhi nahi, aur kisi ko chedenge nahi!” Rajnath Singh, India’s Minister of Defence, said in a special interview with Humans of Bombay

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10th April,2024, Mumbai: Rajnath Singh, the head of the Lok Sabha and the country’s minister of defense, was the biggest guest that Humans of Bombay, the biggest storytelling platform in India, has ever interviewed.

Modi Ji has always been a very astute political operator: Rajnath Singh

Singh said of his pivotal involvement in securing Narendra Modi’s nomination for prime minister: “Modi Ji has always been a very astute political operator. This characteristic became much more apparent after he was appointed Chief Minister. He never hesitated to take difficult positions. His time as CM was highly regarded, and as a result, he solidified his leadership credentials. Furthermore, he was never accused of corruption. We aimed to convey that India is capable of conducting politics free from corruption.

Rajnath Singh on the defense policy of India

 “The Indian armed forces have never attacked or even taken control of a single square inch of territory outside of India.” We wish to maintain friendly relations with our neighbors and have good connections with every nation. “Agar koi hume chedega toh hum use chorenge bhi nahi, aur kisi ko chedenge nahi!”

Rajnath’s Opinions On CAA And Article 370

Singh on the misunderstanding of CAA: “CAA was essential to our nation.” The fact that it is so misinterpreted is regrettable. You are granted citizenship by CAA, not forced to renounce it. Even after this bill, you can still be granted Indian citizenship regardless of your nationality—you can be from Pakistan or practice any other faith. Even at the time this bill was being drafted, I had personally awarded Indian citizenship to a few Pakistani Muslims.”

Singh on Article 370: “To put an end to terrorist activity, paramilitary forces and the Indian Army had to be deployed, especially in parts of Jammu and Kashmir that were prone to it.” Furthermore, the border between India and Pakistan also needed to be protected. The revocation of Article 370 in Kashmir was a significant difficulty at the time. But now that people are aware of the advantages of what we accomplished, everyone there is happy.

-Sapna Meena

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