Arvind Kejriwal urges voters to give AAP a 5-year term in Madhya Pradesh despite alliance with India Bloc

Delhi CM Kejriwal's Appeal to Madhya Pradesh Voters

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  • Kejriwal Seeks 5-Year Term in Madhya Pradesh
  • AAP Forms Alliance with India Bloc
  • Ambitious Agenda for State Development

18 September 2023, Mumbai: Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Chief Minister and the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), has called on voters in Madhya Pradesh to grant his party a five-year term in the upcoming legislative assembly elections, even though the AAP has formed an alliance with the India Bloc in the state.


The AAP and the India Bloc formed an alliance in Madhya Pradesh ahead of the state’s legislative assembly elections, which are scheduled to take place in November 2023. The India Bloc, led by former Union Energy Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, is a coalition of regional political parties that aims to provide an alternative to both the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Madhya Pradesh.

Kejriwal’s appeal

Kejriwal urged the voters of Madhya Pradesh to give his party a chance to demonstrate what it can achieve when it has the opportunity to run a state government without the constraints of external partners. He declared that his party is capable of bringing about real change in the state, and that it will not disappoint the people of Madhya Pradesh.

“Alliance is not a constraint”

Despite the AAP’s alliance with the India Bloc, Kejriwal maintained that his party would not be constrained by the arrangement and that it would govern Madhya Pradesh based on its own vision and principles. He asserted that the AAP’s alliance with the India Bloc was founded on the principles of mutual respect and shared goals, rather than any compromise or concession of principles.

AAP’s agenda for Madhya Pradesh

Kejriwal laid out the AAP’s agenda for Madhya Pradesh, which includes massive investments in infrastructure, healthcare, education, and employment, as well as a crackdown on corruption and an overhaul of the state’s law and order situation. Kejriwal also promised to work tirelessly to ensure that the people of Madhya Pradesh received their fair share of resources from the central government and to safeguard their interests.

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