Former Congress Party Leader Baba Siddique Leaves Party in Maharashtra

Former Congress Party Leader Leaves Party in Maharashtra

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A leader of the Congress party who became a minister in the Maharashtra nation has left the party. His name is Baba Siddique. He was an important leader of the Congress Party for over forty years. He sent a letter to Mallikarjun Kharge. Kharge is the present-day president of the Congress birthday party on a country-wide level throughout India. In the letter, Siddique told Kharge, “I am quitting the Congress birthday party. Please take delivery of my resignation”. He gave the letter on Wednesday. It means he told the birthday party he no longer needs to be in the Congress party anymore after being a member for a long time.

He did not like the state leaders

In his letter, Siddique said he was unhappy with how the Maharashtra Congress leaders, like state president Nana Patole, were running the party. He did not agree with them on the stand the party was taking.

Minorities Sidelined

Another big reason was that smaller communities like Muslims were being ignored in the Congress party. As an important Muslim Congress leader, Siddique felt let down that minorities did not get proper positions in the state.

No Strong Attack on the BJP

Siddique also said he was unhappy that the Congress party could not strongly oppose the BJP. He seemed to say Congress was failing to give a progressive, non-religious alternative to the BJP’s Hindu-focused politics.

Wanted Bigger Positions

Some expert commentators also said that beyond his stated reasons, Siddique wanted more powerful posts in Congress than he was getting. There were stories of him wanting to be the Mumbai Regional Congress president, which did not happen.

Siddique’s Political History

Now that the reasons for his resignation are clear, let us look at Siddique’s political life.

Grew in Congress Party

Siddique has been with Congress since 1980 when he became a member of the Indian Youth Congress. He gradually rose in position, becoming General Secretary of the Mumbai Regional Congress.

Was a Minister

When Congress-ruled Maharashtra from 1999 to 2014, Siddique was a cabinet minister, handling big positions like Education and Money Minister. He was very close to different chief ministers, especially Vilasrao Deshmukh.

Temporarily left for NCP

In 2014, when Congress lost state elections, Siddique left the party for some time. He joined the NCP under Sharad Pawar and led the Mumbai NCP. But he returned to Congress in 2017, saying he disagreed with the NCP’s way of thinking.

What happens next?

A famous pro-minority leader like Siddique leaving is an image and electoral loss for Congress in Maharashtra. It is to be seen whether Siddique joins the NCP or makes his party. Meanwhile, state Congress leaders will try convincing him to take back his leave and address his complaints. But his exit shows deeper problems in Congress with groups and minority anger that require solutions.

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