Modi’s Foreign Affairs: Already Bagging Invites Post Elections!

PM Modi anticipates international trips as Lok Sabha elections approach.

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Invitations Galore: PM Modi’s Global Prospects

Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed that he’s already receiving invitations from foreign nations for visits scheduled in July, August, and September. This early anticipation underscores the confidence of other countries in the BJP’s potential return to power for the third consecutive term at the Centre.

Setting the Political Goalposts: Crossing 370 Seats

In his address to BJP leaders and workers, PM Modi emphasized the party’s ambitious target of securing more than 370 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This numerical milestone aims to surpass the current mark and pave the way for a stronger mandate in the Parliament.

Congress Critique: Targeting Modi’s Leadership

Taking a dig at the Congress party, PM Modi accused them of undermining the morale of India’s security forces during his first term as Prime Minister. He highlighted instances where the opposition allegedly questioned the legitimacy of surgical strikes and Balakot air strikes, portraying a lack of clarity in their stance towards his leadership.

Global Recognition: Modi’s Diplomatic Triumphs

PM Modi touted India’s improved relations with Arab countries under his tenure, emphasizing advancements in trade, tourism, and technology. He recounted his recent visits to UAE and Qatar, where he received honors from five Arab nations, attributing this recognition not just to himself but to the entire Indian populace.

Economic Milestones: India’s Growth Trajectory

Under PM Modi’s leadership, India achieved remarkable economic growth, becoming a 3-trillion-dollar economy. This milestone signifies a significant leap forward, considering the country’s journey from a 1 trillion-dollar economy just a decade ago, showcasing India’s rising stature in the global economic landscape.

Modi’s Vision for a Resurgent India

As PM Modi addressed the BJP’s National Convention, his words echoed a vision for a resurgent India on the global stage. Amidst political fervour and anticipation, his emphasis on international engagements and domestic achievements underscores a comprehensive approach towards steering the nation forward.

Aayega toh Modi hi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi remarked, “The elections are yet to happen but I already have invitations from foreign countries for July, August, and September. What does this mean? It means that other countries are also confident of the BJP government returning to power. They also know ‘Aayega toh Modi hi’.”

Slogan used

He further stated, “Today, the opposition leaders are also raising slogans of ‘NDA sarkar 400 paar’. To take NDA to 400, BJP will have to cross the mark of 370 (seats).”

Regarding the Congress

Regarding the Congress party, PM Modi said, “Congress’s biggest sin was that they did not back away from breaking the morale of our security forces. Congress left no stone unturned to hurt India’s National security and strategic power…5 years ago, they tried everything to prevent our Air Force from getting the Rafale jet…they raised questions about the surgical strike by our security forces. When the surgical strike happened, they asked for proof…Congress is very confused…one group in Congress says to hate Modi maximum and make personal allegations on him… Other groups say stop hating Modi and Congress will suffer more loss that way.”

India’s diplomatic achievements

Reflecting on India’s diplomatic achievements, PM Modi expressed, “When I took oath in 2014, many of our critics said that what experience does Modi have outside a state. Many things were said about foreign policy. Recently I visited UAE and Qatar. The world is seeing how our relations with many countries are strong…Our relations are better in trade, tourism, and technology. Five Arab countries gave me the highest honour of their country, this is not the honour of PM Modi but the honour of the entire 140 countrymen.”

Economic Growth

Discussing India’s economic growth, PM Modi stated, “It took almost 60 years for India to become a 1 trillion dollar economy. In 2014, when the country gave us an opportunity, the 2 trillion mark also looked difficult but in 10 years we added an extra 2 trillion dollars to our economy. India was the 11th largest economy in 2014 and we took only 10 years to bring it to the 5th position.”


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