Narendra Modi Noticed His Mother’s Portrait Amid A Rally; Appreciated The Artist

PM Narendra Modi is extensively promoting his party via rallies and political campaigns. People shower love wherever he goes.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most popular leaders globally. People have voted for him in two consecutive terms and now he is campaigning for his third term as the Prime Minister of India. PM Modi never missed an opportunity to interact with the public and clips of his public interactions are always a hit on social media. His supporters reshare those clips and make fan edits appraising the Prime Minister for his simplicity, patience and groundedness.

In a similar incident which occurred while Narendra Modi was addressing the crowd in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, the PM spotted a man holding Late Yashoda Ben’s Portrait in his hands. The PM not only noticed it but also appreciated the man for his artistry.

PM was attending a rally in Damoh

The Lok Sabha Elections have officially begun with the first day voting on 19th April. The Prime Ministerial face of Bharatiya Janata Party, Shri Narendra Modi, was attending a rally in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, where he mentioned the beginning of 2024 Lok Sabha Elections and encouraged everyone to cast their votes on their respective voting dates.

PM Modi was discussing how his team and the BJP government have worked relentlessly and dedicatedly with an aim to provide fertilisers to the farmers. However, he had to interrupt himself because a person with a handmade portrait in his hand caught his attention. The portrait was of a woman really close to our Prime Minister— his mother, Late Yashoda Ben.

How did the PM react?

The PM seemed happy when he saw his mother’s portrait. He did not show any signs of irritancy and was not frustrated by the disturbance. He very humbly acknowledged the artist and appreciated him for his effort.

The PM, after noticing the portrait, pointed out towards the person and said, “we have a person among us who is also working hard. Look at him.”

Narendra Modi added that he cannot deny the love and gifts from the people. He said that this artist has brought my mother’s portrait with him.

The PM applauded the artist

The Prime Minister praised the artist who brought a handmade portrait of Narendra Modi’s mother along with him. The PM said, “You have made it beautifully, brother. It looks beautiful.”

Modi ji also asked the artist to attach his Name and Address along with the portrait before giving it to him, so that he could write back a letter of appreciation and thanks back to him. After this kind gesture from the prime minister, the whole crowd started chanting ‘Modi Modi’ in appreciation of his behaviour towards common people.

Modi ji has had many such interactions

This was certainly not the first time PM Modi has had such interaction with the public in his political rallies. Recently, when he was in Tamil Nadu, a girl was waving her hands to catch the attention of the prime minister. Modi ji noticed it and said that he has accepted her warm greetings, and she can put her hands down as it will start to hurt. The clip of this interaction also went viral on social media.

-Rahul Dubey

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