Pm Takes A Dig At Opposition And Rahul Gandhi : Shares Post Slamming Opposition On Youtube

PM Modi attacks opp. and their claims of dictatorship and baseless promises.

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PM Modi on Sunday evening shared a youtube post attacking opposition and their baseless allegations and promises. PM shared a thread on how the Opposition is having problem with development and progress of the country. PM took a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and said that their leader is making such announcements that even their leaders are not able to understand their claims. PM also shared that their govt. Has not only confined Baba Saheb’s ideas but have also given them new identity in the modern India, BHIM UPI is in the name of Baba Saheb Only.


PM Shared a five pic thread on the yt community attacking every claim and allegation alleged against him by the opposition.

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In the first pic PM showed his gratitude towards Baba Saheb and said BHIM UPI is inspired only from Baba Saheb.

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In the 2nd pic PM slammed opposition for one dynasty politics and said even after decades of independence only one family ran the country directly or indirectly.

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While in the 3rd pic PM alleged that as soon as a poor man’s son became PM (He himself) Congress started spreading rumours that Constitution and Democracy are in danger.

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In the 4th post PM slammed opposition that their leaders are making such a statement that even their leaders are not able to justify. PM indirectly said “The Prince of Congress has announced that he will remove poverty in one stroke. Whole country is surprised to hear this. The country is asking where was this royal magician hiding for so many years”.

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While in the last post PM posted about Indira Gandhi’s statement regarding removal of property. The PM said they make such claims that’s why they have become laughing stock across the country.


PM made all these statements at a rally in Hoshangabad of Madhya Pradesh (as mentioned in the post) on 14 April 2024 and later on key highlights of the rally were shared in the thread post on youtube. PM Modi has 2.28 Cr Subscribers which is the most for any leader of the world. Within 2 hours of sharing the post it reached 11K likes and more than 1k comments.


Early today BJP released its manifesto or Sankalp Patra at its headquarters in New Delhi naming it “Modi ki Guarantee 2024”. PM Modi alongwith JP Nadda, Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah unleashed their manifesto today. Party claimed that Manifesto aims at “Viksit Bharat @ 2047”. While Congress leader M.A. Kharge soon after release of manifesto hits out at BJP and says what have they done in 10 years. Inflation is not stopping and Unemployment is at its peak.

-Samyak Jain

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