Suvendu Adhikari Hits Out At Mamata-Abhishek, Kunal Counter-Attacks

Suvendu claims there is no restriction on paying compensation in case of disaster. A major part of which is provided by the central government through NDRF.

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In the past few days, Mamata Abhishek has been speaking continuously against the BJP and its leaders. This time, the leader of the opposition in the assembly, Subhendu Adhikari, came down to the event to retaliate. He claimed that Mamata-Abhishek’s claim was false. The Election Commission has given permission on April 9. But, now Trinamool is trying to fish in the muddy waters of politics on this issue. Subhendu writes, ‘You can fool some people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.’

No Restriction On Giving Compensation

Subhendu claims that there is no restriction on giving compensation in case of disaster. A major part of which is provided by the central government through NDRF. But, the Mamata-Abhishek election commission is busy smearing the central government. In the video posted by Shuvendu, Trinamool’s second in command Abhishek Banerjee is heard saying, “From the day the elections are announced, the state government comes under the Central Election Commission. They are in control. We cannot start any work until the Election Commission gives permission. When the storm hit on the afternoon of 31st, the next day we wrote to the Election Commission on behalf of the state that we will quickly give full compensation to these families, along with those whose roofs have collapsed so that the state government can arrange houses. We want to pay them 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees. I asked the state to give permission. The Election Commission did not give that permission. This discrimination will not continue.”

What Did Mamta Banerjee Say?

On the other hand, in the video shared by Subhendu, Mamata says, “Prime Minister came to Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar in disaster, Home Minister came, not once spoke about the suffering. Never said how these people are! What are you eating! He only talked about politics. And we kept asking for permission. Now the election is going on for three months. Now I want permission to do something. In the case of BJP, permission granted, bail granted. And all the jails are granted for Trinamool.”

However, as claimed by Shuvendu, the Election Commission on April 9 granted exemptions for payment of ex gratia and house building grants. This message was conveyed to the state government on April 9 itself. The commission took this step so that the people of Mainaguri and Jalpaiguri, who lost their houses in the devastating tornado, could get grants for building houses as soon as possible.

Trinamool Kunal Ghosh Fired Back

Sharing Shuvendur’s post, Trinamool Congress leader Kunal Ghosh wrote, ‘The post has more than 200 words. But none of the words make sense. Ex gratia does not mean a grant for building a house. The people of Bengal will no longer be caught in your website of lies.’

-Rahul Dubey

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