Pioneering Astrologer in India Dr. Sridev Shastri Honored by President Ramnath Kovind.

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25th May 2023, Mumbai: Astrology, a timeless practice deeply rooted in Indian culture, has captivated minds and hearts for centuries. Among the esteemed astrologers in India, Dr. Sridev Shastri stands out for his exceptional expertise and philanthropic endeavors. With an illustrious career spanning 29 years, Dr. Shastri has gained global recognition for his accurate predictions and has touched the lives of more than 30,000 satisfied clients. Recently, his remarkable contributions to Vedic Astrology and Indian society were honored with the prestigious Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar Award, presented by the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind. This article sheds light on Dr. Sridev Shastri’s remarkable journey and the significance of his award in the realm of astrology and society.

A Legacy of Astrological Excellence:
Dr. Sridev Shastri’s journey in the realm of Vedic Astrology began nearly three decades ago. Through a combination of rigorous study, unwavering dedication, and innate intuitive abilities, he mastered the intricacies of this ancient science. Dr. Shastri’s deep understanding of Vedic astrology and his ability to interpret celestial positions have earned him a reputation for delivering accurate predictions and guidance to his clients. His expertise covers a wide range of areas, including career, finance, relationships,
health, and spirituality.

The Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar Award:
The Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar Award holds immense significance as it recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions to society in the fields of education, social welfare, and economics. Dr. Sridev Shastri’s exceptional work in Vedic Astrology, coupled with his philanthropic initiatives, made him a deserving recipient of this prestigious honor. The award ceremony, held at the renowned Shri
Shanmukhananda Auditorium in Mumbai, witnessed the esteemed presence of President Ram Nath Kovind as the chief guest. This 13th edition of the award ceremony highlighted Dr. Shastri’s dedication and unwavering commitment to his field.

Astrology’s Role in Society:
Astrology, an ancient science, has played a pivotal role in shaping Indian society for centuries. It offers a unique perspective on human life and provides individuals with insights into their destinies. Dr. Sridev Shastri’s accurate predictions have helped numerous individuals navigate their personal and professional lives, make informed decisions, and find solace during challenging times. His expertise has brought comfort
and clarity to thousands of clients worldwide, fostering a sense of hope and optimism.

Philanthropic Contributions:
Beyond his remarkable astrological prowess, Dr. Sridev Shastri is renowned for his extensive philanthropic work. He has consistently dedicated his time and resources towards uplifting the underprivileged sections of society and supporting noble causes. Dr. Shastri’s charitable initiatives encompass educational scholarships, healthcare assistance, and contributions to social welfare organizations. His philanthropy reflects his deep-rooted belief in giving back to society and making a positive impact on the
lives of those in need.

Dr. Sridev Shastri’s journey as a renowned astrologer and his recent recognition through the Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar Award exemplify the profound impact of astrology on Indian society. Through his remarkable expertise, Dr. Shastri has provided accurate predictions and guidance to a vast clientele, helping them navigate life’s challenges. Furthermore, his philanthropic initiatives reflect his commitment to making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged. Dr. Sridev Shastri’s achievements not only exemplify
the power of Vedic Astrology but also serve as an inspiration for individuals to.
The Other prestigious awards received by Dr. Sridev Shastri are:-
● Best Celebrity Astrologer by Padashree Awardee Actress Madhuri Dixit.
● Lokshahi Sonman 2023 by Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra Sri. Eknath Shinde.
● Bagdhara Sonman 2023 by Honourable Governor of Kerala Sri. Arif Mohammad Khan.
● Received Prestigious Business Excellence Award From Honorable Governor of Andra Pradesh Sri
Biswabhusan Harichandan for Outstanding Performance in Astrology.
● Super Indians 24 Award by Union Minister Mr. Jitendra Singh & Actor Mr. Govinda
● Most Trusted Astrologer in India 2022 Award by Union Minister Shri. Faggan Singh Kulaste
(Minister of State for Rural Development, Government of India) at Bigyan Bhawan, Delhi.
● International Glory Award 2022 by actress Shilpa Shetty.
● Trendsetter Awards Mumbai 2022 by Honorable Governor of Mumbai, Sri. Bhagat Singh Kosayari &
Singer Mr. Kumar Shanu for excellent work in Astrology.
● Guest Of Honour at Global Fame Award 2021 Kolkata, Chief Guest Actress Bipasha Basu
● International Glory Award 2021, at Goa by Social Activist, Actor Mr. Sonu Sood for his contribution in
Vedic Astrology.
● Golden Glory Award 2022 by Ms. Malaika Arora for his contribution as a Celebrity Astrologer.
● Asia pacific excellence award 2021 by Actress Ms. Amisha Patel.
● International business leadership award 2021
● Maharshi Parashar & Samudra Rishi Award Winner 2012(Kathmandu, Nepal)

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