Tesla’s Deceptive Range Hype Exposed: The Shocking Truth Behind Elon Musk’s EV Claims!

Discover How Tesla Rigged EV Range, Dodged Customer Help, and Celebrated Deception!

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Tesla's Deceptive Range Hype Exposed: The Shocking Truth Behind Elon Musk's EV Claims!
  • Inside Tesla's Range Estimation Scandal!
  • Tesla's Sinister Strategy to Confuse Disgruntled Customers
  • Tesla's Customer Service Nightmare

27th August 2023, Mumbai: In the world of innovation and cutting-edge technology, Elon Musk’s companies have garnered immense praise for their groundbreaking achievements. However, beneath the surface lies a distressing reality – a severe lack of competent customer service. From Starlink customers left hanging for years, seeking refunds, to Tesla Solar customers enduring months or years of frustration after investing substantial sums, the woes seem unending.

Tesla exposed

Yet, the Reuters exposé on Tesla takes it to a whole new level of darkness. The article sheds light on how Tesla intentionally misrepresented the range of its electric vehicles, all at the behest of Elon Musk himself. For nearly a decade, the company manipulated their range-estimation algorithms, offering customers overly optimistic projections to make them feel good about their car’s performance.

Tesla couldn’t admit to their deceptive practices

The consequence of this deceptive hype was significant strain on Tesla’s already strained customer service systems. Many customers reported issues that weren’t actually faults, complicating the process for legitimate repairs. Naturally, Tesla couldn’t admit to their deceptive practices, leading them to establish specialized “diversion teams” in Las Vegas. These teams were essentially designed to mislead and confuse frustrated customers, often falsely claiming remote diagnostics to avoid addressing legitimate concerns. Shockingly, they even celebrated canceling service appointments with noisy revelry, an appalling display of disregard for customers.

Right To Repair

Such deceitful practices and blatant misrepresentation are sure to raise eyebrows at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), with Lina Khan, its formidable chair, likely taking a keen interest in investigating these matters. Additionally, this highlights automakers’ opposition to “right to repair” reforms that aim to end repair monopolies and increase transparency for vehicle owners and independent technicians. With a mounting list of controversies, including the mishandling of self-driving technology and rising competition in the electric vehicle market, Tesla might soon find itself facing significant challenges. Even in the often lax regulatory environment of the United States, it’s hard to deny that Tesla is on the cusp of some serious headaches.

By Yashika Desai

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