Piyush Kashyap’s Latest Song Tu Hai Kahan Is Out Now!

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Piyush Kashyap’s latest song, “Tu Hai Kahan,” was released on December 24, 2022, across all the music streaming platforms, winning over the hearts of the audience. He is a young artist who made the decision to pick up the pace and pursue his love of singing. Since 2014, Piyush has been performing as a singer,releasing both original songs and covers to showcase his talent in the world of music. 

Bihar native Piyush Kashyap has been living in Delhi since 2015 and works for an IT firm. He continues to pursue his passion for music while working for the IT company. Working on our hobbies is never easy in Indian society, and what’s even more painful is that even our own family members can demotivate us. However, accepting the challenges and having an unquenchable desire within you help turn your dream into reality. Everyone deals with obstacles in life, but those who are facing them always experience them the hardest. In addition to inner chaos and self-doubt, fighting the outside world seems so difficult.

But because he loved music, he made an effort to nurture his self-confidence and gave singing a chance. His songs are heartwarming, and it feels like the lyrics are still playing in the background for the listeners. “Tujhko dhundhne mein khud ko hi kho diya, jo pa saka na tujhe, mera dil ro diya”—this heart-touching start of Tu Hai Kahan feels so blissful in his own voice. You must listen to this song to fully appreciate how it captures the intense love and passion of a lover.

This is his final release of 2022, but the road to great, authentic music has just started. Not only will he release three more of his original songs in 2023, but he also has a lot more in the works. In order to reignite the flame in your heart when winter comes to an end, Piyush plans to release one song in February 2023 with renowned Marathi singer Vaishali Mhade. His past dreams are now evolving into a beautiful reality, demonstrating how hard work always pays off in the end. This sends a message to all young people to have a clear vision and work toward their goals in addition to everything else. This is because failures are a part of life, and trying is always worthwhile because, in the end, it either leads to success or provides valuable experience.

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