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Founded in 2009 by visionary entrepreneur Sanu Das, Moment Enterprise has carved a niche for itself as a leading smartphone retail store in India. With a mission to deliver the highest quality products and services,

In a short span, Moment Enterprise has established itself as a brand that customers trust and competitors admire. Under the leadership of Sanu Das, the company continues to thrive, driven by an unwavering commitment to its mission and a clear vision for the future.

Company Name Moment Enterprise 
Also Know as N/A
Type Private
Industry Shopping Retail
Founded 2009
Founders Mr. Sanu Das
Headquarters Siliguri, West Bengal, India
Area Served India
Revenue INR 100Cr
Net Income Not Available
Number of Employees 40

Moment Enterprise, founded by Sanu Das in 2009, began its journey in Siliguri as a modest retail store. With a vision to make technology accessible, the company carved a niche in the competitive market through perseverance and innovative business strategies.

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and adaptability led to the opening of multiple showrooms, each day broadening its reach. Today, Moment Enterprise stands as one of the most trusted and popular smartphone retail chains in the country.

From its humble beginnings to becoming a household name, Moment Enterprise’s story is one of unwavering dedication and a deep understanding of market dynamics. Moment Enterprise’s history is not just about its growth but also about its impact on making technology an integral part of people’s lives.

Moment Enterprise is a one-stop shop for the latest gadgets and home appliances, offering a diverse range of products including smartphones, laptops, and home appliances at competitive prices. They stand out with their customer-friendly financing options, providing Easy EMI schemes with zero down payment and no interest on all smartphones and applications. Additionally, every purchase is sweetened with a gift, ensuring customers not only get what they need but also a little extra to delight in. Whether you’re tech-savvy or looking to upgrade your home, Moment Enterprise caters to all your needs with ease and affordability.

Plus, with the Moment Online Shopping app available on both Play Store and App Store, customers enjoy the convenience of online shopping and benefit from free home delivery across the country. Moment Enterprise is your gateway to quality products, financial flexibility, and rewarding shopping experiences.

Sanu Das is a visionary entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the retail industry with his innovative approach. As the CEO and founder of Moment Enterprise, he has transformed the company into one of the fastest-growing and most trusted smartphone retail store chains in the country.

The company is known for its exceptional customer service and a diverse range of products, ensuring that every customer leaves with more than just a purchase. His entrepreneurial journey began with a dedication to offer the finest products at the most competitive prices, which has been the cornerstone of the company’s success.

In addition to his contributions to the retail industry, Sanu Das has also made strides in education by opening Moment Public School. His dedication to social responsibility and community development is reflected in this endeavor, providing quality education and nurturing the next generation.

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