Mumbai: one million tonnes of trash have been processed at the Mulund Dumping Ground.

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The operation to close the Deonar dumping ground is still pending, but work is being done step-by-step to close the Mulund dumping ground. Despite a start-up delay, the project is presently on schedule, and one million tonnes of the seven million tonnes of garbage generated have already been handled.

Since 2018, the Mulund landfill has been shut down. In October 2018, the contract was granted, and there were almost seven million metric tonnes of garbage on the ground. Within six years, the project was intended to be finished. Due to requirements being met to obtain various licences from the authorities, the project was delayed. The epidemic and insufficient equipment were among the causes of the delay.

Over the course of six years, the Mulund dumping ground was planned to be closed in stages. The construction work was planned to be finished in the first year, and the garbage processing was supposed to be done in the next five years.

According to a BMC official from the Solid Waste Management, the contractor processed 1,05,005 tonnes up until October 21. This means that half of the time has already passed. “Bio mining and disposal of approximately 24 lakh tonnes of garbage is planned for the years 2022–23,” he continued.

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