Jasmin Bhasin Shared Her Struggling Life And How She Fell In Love With Aly Goni In Reality Show

In Bharti and Harsh Limbachiya’s Podcast, Jasmin Bhasin Opened Up About Her Bigg Boss Journey And Her Love For Aly Goni

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On 24th December 2023, Mumbai: Popular actress Jasmin Bhasin recently did a podcast with her close friends Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiya. During the discussion she opened up about her struggling life to enter the industry and whole journey in television including Bigg Boss 14. Other than this, she expresses her feelings for Aly Goni and reveals their decision to not be in the relationship due to several reasons and later Aly Goni confesses his feelings to her in the reality show.

Jasmin Bhasin Shared Her Life In Podcast

A Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiya’s Podcast is talk of town for each passing day. Many actresses came in podcasts where Bharti and Harsh tried to open up about their lives and many more. Recently, Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiya’s best friend Jasmin Bhasin made an appearance on their podcast where she shared her struggling life and how she entered the industry and Bigg Boss 14 journey and many more. She also revealed how she met Aly Goni and later realized her true feelings for him.

Jasmin Bhasin Revealed Her Feelings For Aly Goni Since A Long Time

During the discussion with Bharti and Harsh in podcast Jasmin Bhasin Revealed that she had feelings for Aly Goni for a long time but both of them decided not to be in a relationship due to their background, religious differences and many things. However, In Bigg Boss 14 both of them realize they can’t live without each other. She said, “Bharti, I and Aly became friends in-front of you guys only. Aly is a really nice guy and I started to have feelings for him way before he did. However, we decided not to be in a relationship because of religious and other factors. But when I came to Bigg Boss, Aly realized his feelings for me as well and he came to the show. In the show, he confessed his feelings for me.”

Jasmin Bhasin Shared Journey Of Bigg Boss 14

Talking about her journey in Bigg Boss 14 she shared, “I wanted to go to Bigg Boss to prove everyone how smart I am but after going I realized that I wasn’t as smart.The good, work, staying away from home and everything took a toll on me and things went bad. But then Aly came to the show and everything was then nice.”

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