A Man Was Arrested To Stealing The Cash On Donation Box  In Palghar’s Temple

A Man Who Can Break The Temple For Stealing Money In a Donation Box In Palghar. Palghar Police Arrested Him.

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A Man Was Arrested To Stealing The Cash On Donation Box In Palghar's Temple

22nd October 2023,Mumbai: Today, a man was arrested by palghar police for breaking the temple and stole money into donation box in Maharashtra, palghar district, said police

On Friday, police arrested the suspected one man for identification as Shabbir Alias Fateh Murtaza Ali Shaikh from leaving at nalasopara for breaking the temple into Girij area, senior inspector Ranjit Andale said.

When The Incident Happened

On 8th October 2023, as per the PTI the accused entered the temple around 2 am and stole Rs.4500 cash from the donation box. Vasai police registered the complaint and formed two teams to catch the accused.

 Investigation Process

When Vasai police formed two teams for the investigation, CCTV footage from that area shows one man who is accused exiting the temple and driving away an autorickshaw. Through the investigation process it will be revealed that this rickshaw was not him he stole from Valiv police station.

During the communication with the accused he said, he was involved in three more crimes in Valiv, Vasai and Palghar too. Parat from crime cash and autorickshaw has been recovered.

Another Incident

Mumbai police have taken in custody of 17 Bangladeshi nationals on charges unofficially living in India. They don’t have valid documents and not a proper identification.

Police registering the official complaints against them. Later, it will see that two suspects are agents for bringing the people into the country unlawfully from Bangladesh.

During the communication, the accused said that ten Bangladeshi nationals living at gopchar pada, virar and other four living at Hanuman Nagar, nalasopara. All are Arrested by police and they are under the police custody until 25 October.

By Sojwal Gurav

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