Balraj Syal: A weekly Internet detox is essential if you want to experience real life and

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8th February, Mumbai: Safer Internet Day on February 8 is an important occasion given the times we are living in. The idea behind this day is to raise awareness around the internet and technology, make users more responsible and in the process make the online world a safer place for all. Undeniably, the Internet has changed the way we live and work. It is both a boon and a bane based on how we use or misuse it. Actor-Host and comedian Balraj, who was last seen in the celebrity-based reality show Smart Jodi, opens up on the issue and talks about the time he spends online

“I guess this day is made by those people who have made us internet addicts. The ironic part will be that on this day we will scream out to people and tell them about it by using the Internet and hashtags. To tell people to make less use of the internet, it seems we have to tell them by using the internet. The Internet is a really good tool. When it came into existence it was amazing to sit at one place and know about the rest of the world with just a click. However the addiction has made things bad. Usually people blame the phones but actually we are internet addicts. If you use a normal Nokia phone that doesn’t have internet, people won’t use the phone only,” he says.

When it comes to kids, it’s the responsibility of parents to not give their children phones or ipads and open YouTube just to keep them busy, feels Balraj.

“Even if the kid is using the phone and playing games or seeing something, the parents should keep a check. Kids won’t be able to differentiate between good and bad. Talking about today’s youth, they are full of energy, they can do everything. But the one thing that they must take care of is that they shouldn’t trust people whom they meet over the internet given all the scams, rather be friends with people whom you know personally. There are many things that the youth should take care of. If we use the Internet as an infotainment then that’s all right. People feel sad and irritated when the WiFi goes down so taking a weekly detox from the Internet is a must. A break is necessary so that you can feel the real life around you and spend time with your loved ones. I don’t use my phone once a week,” he ends.

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